PLEASE HELP! I have not recieved beta access

  • I pre ordered chivalry Deadliest Warrior yesturday but i have not recieved anything that will give me access to the beta?


  • Did you buy through steam?

  • Hey everyone ! I pre-ordered too Chivalry Deadliest Warriors trough Steam yesterday, but I don’t know how I can have access to the beta. Thanks a lot for your future answers :)

    (Please, forgive my English, it’s not my mother tongue.)

  • Right click Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2 Beta in your steam library, click Deadliest Warrior beta and it’ll begin downloading.

  • I don’t either and i preordered it through the humble bundle then entered my code into steam but i cant play it i am very upset.

  • Hello Roxerdude.

    Welcome to the forums. Hopefully I can assist you with your problem.

    Even though I’m sure you have taken the steps, I’m going to list them just in case you forgot any and so others who might have the same problem can see.

    From the Humble Bundle page, you copy the code. From there go to Steam and click on activate a product. You can do this either by clicking on Games on the top of the Steam page or pressing “Add a game” right below your Steam game library. Enter in the code and it should come up with a box saying that it’s for Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. From there, it will start to download and install.

    This may be different for early access people, but how I get to the game is that in your games library, there is a “Chivalry Medieval Warfare Beta”, start that then it should pop up with three options:

    Chivalry Beta, SDK and Chivalry Deadliest Warrior.

    Make sure you click on Deadliest Warrior then press play. The game shall now start and you can play.

    If you have any further questions, complaints or anything else, feel free to post back and either myself or another moderator or maybe a fellow community member will help you out. :)

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