Server Preformance is Terrible

  • The number one issue I have with the beta is how atrocious the servers are. They make the game feel floaty and much less about precision and more about throwing out a bunch of combos. Last night I had 4 Samurai attacking me and I managed to survive for 20 seconds in the middle of them, not due to skill, but because their attacks constantly whiffed when they should have hit.

    The game is feeling very spammy as a result of the servers being so poor. Taking a swing at a moving target has a 50/50 chance of landing because you can’t be certain if what you’re seeing on the screen is accurate. This is most noticeable with Ninjas right after a roll. I’m sure some of you will report that you have no problems but judging by just how frequent I see attacks that should have hit me miss it’s probably not an uncommon experience.

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