Match Time Limits

  • Hey,

    I was wondering, me and a buddy of mine got this server. The problem is that all matches last 4 minutes. We’d like to have longer matches, we just can’t figure out how to increase that match time. There are TD matches that last 15 minutes. How does one make sure to get those time frames as well for his server?

    We can’t really figure it out.


  • Change the game mode to TDM instead of LTS which involves changing the map to TDM.

    Times are part of the map. To edit the time you have to edit the map.

  • Even TD matches are 4 minutes. :?

    Okay I just tried to do “adminchangemap [map name]” instead of “open [map name]” which seems to have solved it.

  • You should change the map rotation so that you dont have to type the maps in the console

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