Post Patch Issues….

  • I haven’t had a whole lot of seat time with the latest patch, about 3 days total. Usually after a patch release I have to go in and re tweak the ini files so that the game will play smooth and efficient. Sometimes I have to rebind keys as well. This, I haven’t done yet so some of the fix maybe with a re tweak.

    Ok here is what I am observing after the patch:
    Graphically I am seeing far more micro stuttering specially when I am looking side to side. This seems to really be observable in full servers or heavy combat with around 5 of more players in close proximity. The side effects are that I am missing more and more hits that I normally would not.

    The biggest issue though is that all the swings and parries are way off timing from button press to actual action/animation. There seems to be a .5 sec delay. This becomes very problematic when trying to string combos or to parry. The side effects with these button to action delays are random swings, combos out of sequence and major delayed parries or non existent swing or parry. Sometimes swings will come out of nowhere and no button was pressed.

    In addition to the attack delays, my player animations seem much slower at times. I observer this also during heavy combat with mulitpul players. What I see is other players animations and swings looking and timed normally but mine seem to be in slow motion. I also normally have my stat_fps showing and I am getting good solid FPS in most cases. Granted on some maps it may go from 90 down to 34 on a full server but usually it maintained around 60.

    So, I am not sure if these delays are intentional due to mechanic changes or if something else is wrong. It is very noticeable compared to before the patch.

    Any ideas, is it just me, or did the mechanics change screw up the “real time swing trace”?

  • I don’t have any of these issues except for one which is vaguely similar…

    Occasionally when i hit the parry button on my mouse a delayed alt swing will randomly pop…wtf???
    I’ve checked over and over and over again and its nothing to do with the keybindings…
    I’ve even got two new g400 logitech mice and the problem happens with both mice…
    Another problem i’ve been experiencing is button presses not registering at all on occasion…sometimes taking up to 3 or more presses to register.
    No idea what the problem is as i have a new comp and these two brand new g400 mice.

  • I have a G500 mouse and i used a Razor Nostromo instead of a keyboard. I actually have one of my attacks bound to a key on the Nostromo. Even though I also have the occasional 3 button press to activate something like the catapult, ballista, or to pick up torches, I have found that that issue is based on the net code and or ping when playing online.

    I have tested this when CREATING a game in the menu. When playing the game directly from your computer there is no missed button activation of catapults, ballistas or to pick up torches. Activation happens the first time, every time. But when you play online, sometimes it can take up to 3 button presses to mount siege weapons or to pick up torches. The only cause is either the netcode and or ping due to the ms to the server and back.

    This however, the problems I am experiencing is above and beyond that. The timing of activation and animations are simply horrible, worse now more than ever. So I am not sure if these delays are with my hardware / settings like pci frequency setting or pci latency timer. Hell I dunno.

  • Just had an issue today while using the poleaxe where I was unable to OH swing after parrying. It could have been happening with all swings but it only happened in the cases where I was trying to do an OH. Basically it felt like the sticky weapon after you block while using a javelin.

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