What is your Favourite Class so Far?

  • I’m surprised this thread doesn’t already exist; I decided to make it since it didn’t.

    My favourite class is the ninja. The focus and agility and stealth, along with the deadly shuriken makes it a very fun class to play. It’s sort of like maa, except people don’t complain 24/7 about how OP your class is.

  • Pirate for me, I just find it hilarious to play.

  • pirate is nice because of the drinking and hilarious things he says,but the viking is just too fun to throw shields in enemys faces

  • My favorite class is the samurai because you can draw enemy’s close to you with the bow and if you don’t kill them with the bow you can take out your katana (if possible take it out and kill them with the unsheathe attack) and chop off there head. He also has a decent attack power and speed with a wide array of weapons.

  • Samurai/pirate/spartan.

  • The Viking is damn fun to play with, but I can’t see him being very useful against pro players.
    Against mid-tier players, he can kick some serious ass though, with his dual wielding combos and weapon throwing.
    As for now, my favorite class is the Ninja. It reminds me the most of MaA.

  • I don’t really have a favourite yet. I would vote Viking, but they have one huge flaw in my opinion that I came to the forum to talk/complain about. I find it unsurprising they have the least votes at the moment.

  • Pirate, its just fun to shoot things and hes hilarious

  • Viking and Spartan…

    Viking because berserking is funny but easily interrupted/canceled by opponent, and shield toss omg that is the funniest part… cutting a head off with a shield toss is so super satisfying… sucks that you can’t pick the shield back up though…

    Spartan because i love the concept of formations and fighting as a unit… its really fun to play spartan if your fellow spartan teammates are in on the whole “fight as a unit” think… making shield walls and stuff like that really makes the class ALOT of fun… their inability to swing their weapons (except for shield which has a very short range) makes them perfect for shield walling.

    i would like to say samurai… but he is just too damn powerful for me to feel good about playing him…
    he can kill like 5 people at once if he is lucky just by some dodging and LMB spam with Nodachi…
    Main issue with him is probably he’s endurance in combat… he is almost on the armor level of a knight but ALOT faster…

    im sure im not the only one feeling this way

  • Definitely Ninja, on the voice acting alone.
    I love the huge variety of taunts and how funny they are. “If you were anymore inbred, you’d be a sandwich”. Pure gold!
    I also love the stealthy aspect of play that never gets too serious due to the ability “ssshhhh” and “quiet”.
    It is just the class that I find entertaining whether involved in serious combat or just running around.

    Pirate is second for the awesome walking animation while holding a pistol and the RUM! A little disturbed by the voice taunts though.
    Viking third for the awesome ability to throw weapons and your shield. I am really hyped to hear the new voices for it, don’t let me down!

    I don’t particularly like Samurai as I find the attack grunt (yell?) quite frustrating.

  • Samurai, because he’s jack of all trades.

  • Spartan has to be the most fun in my opinion, easily the weakest class but so rewarding. Nailing ninjas to the ground mid roll with your spear or clobbering knights to death with your shield, all whilst running around in a skirt screaming your lungs out. Can’t beat that feel.

  • Tie between spartan and samurai for me. Samurai for the way he can win out numbered fights and spartan for the sheer hillarity of impailing 3 ninjas in one sarissa thrust.

  • Ninja.

    It is very fun to play… unfortunately it’s pretty useless at the moment. With every other class you can get more kills, no matter how good of a ninja you are. Other classes are better, that’s a fact.

    You need up to 6 hits to kill an enemy (Recently needed 8 hits to kill a knight O_o), and every other class 1-2 hits you. It doesn’t feel fair. Especially pirate-pistols… they just always onehit you :/
    Smokepots are barely useless as well. Even smokepots are useless.

    Extremely fun, but just weak. In my opinion the weakest class in the game at the moment.

  • Definitely Ninja. Ninjas have the best teamwork of any class I’ve played so far.

  • Hush
    No Sound

  • I like the Ninja and Viking best.
    The Viking is very fun to play with, but I wish he was a bit more useful, though. I will post my suggestions on how to spice him up a bit in the not too distant future.

  • The Spartan, because of the potential for organization, the shield designs, the voice lines, and the swords. Ninjas are cool too. Samurai have some cool stuff too.
    Visit my Pirate Hate Thread some time :D .

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