Can't disable votenextmap?

  • I’m making a pirate vs pirate vs pirtate only server. I have the map rotation I want in the maplist. but at the end of each game the vote for next map screws me over because it just picks random things. I even tried to delete and change every votemap to pirates and isle but it won’t change. all of the maps still remain isle but the teams won’t allow me to be all pirates in the vote next map.

    Is there any way I can just remove the whole “voting thing” and have the old style map rotation? All advice is welcome.

    I feel like I may be editing some settings in the wrong place aswell.
    Where exactly do I set maxplayers? I’ve set maxplayers to 24 on the batch file to run it and in pcserver cdw game or whatever and it stays at 32.

  • Developer

    Max players is set in PCServer-CDWGame.ini, if you’re setting it in there and it’s not working I’m not altogether sure what’s going on. Maybe post your config files and the command line arguments you’re using to launch the game?

    I noted how to disable the voting in viewtopic.php?f=72&t=23498 . Just set bVoteNextMap to false.

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