Fog on bamboo is killing my framerate

  • Is there any way to disable the fog on bamboo? i don’t have a great computer but i can run cmw and the other maps ok i have tried turning the settings down to a minimum and i don’t see an option to do so in the options menu. So when i go on a server and it switches to that map i have to leave which is annoying plus its the only ffa map i see

  • Something needs to be done about the FPS issues on Bamboo. Not sure if it’s the fog or all the bamboo.

  • On a few maps, there has been some fps issues with a few players. I’m sure that they are working on a solution so that way all maps run fine for everyone once it releases. :)

  • I’m pretty sure it’s the Bamboo trees that drag down my performance. They need to nerf the amount of trees, or at least remove some for the players who play with lower setting.

  • Its the fog.

    The trees are low poly models. As all tress are in every video game ever.

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