What new features would you like to see added before release

  • Here are some of the things that I would like to see

    kusarigama for ninja (kama with ball and chain)
    poison darts for ninja
    increased back stab damage for ninja
    ninjas move faster
    ninja kicks knock you down
    ninja unarmed attack does more damage (martial arts training)
    climbing fences and other small obstacles (ninjas do this the fastest)
    ninja dash (ninja runs super fast, costs lots of stamina)
    some way to resupply mitsubshi and smoke bombs

    Spartans flinch less when hit(takes more damage to interrupt attack)
    recover thrown weapons from dead bodies
    loot extra spears/bullets from dead bodies
    thrown weapons move faster

    nerf samurai
    slower, shorter weapons
    heavier weapons block slower
    less health

    less accurate flintlock pistols
    drunk pirates take less damage
    being drunk lasts longer

    Each class has a set amount of lives in tdm

  • Sounds like you like to play the ninja. They’re strong enough as is. I played through alpha. Just adjust your playing style. Backstab damage like the archer has WOULD be nice though. The Spartan looting extra spears idea is good, should be expanded to all classes can pick up stray projectiles that they are CURRENTLY USING, not just your own. Ninja kicks knock people down, faster movement, ninja dash. That’s a fucking joke. Check yo privilege.

  • Dual Flail on Viking.

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