Kendo Duels on Interitus Duels server

  • We will be trying to organize regular Kendo Duels events, the frequency of which depends on interest. Once a week seems good, but I am not sure if it should run all day or have it twice a week just for the evening or what.

    Kendo Duels is basically team duels, and the way it is run on my server is a random weapon is selected, everyone uses that weapon and meets in the middle of Moor. We form a circle, face outward and the server admin counts down 3 2 1 FFA! and everyone takes a few steps outward, then turns to engage. Once you are dead you line up on the wooden palisade and the last 2 combatants become team captains who proceed to pick from the line, the last man standing gets first pick. Once all teams have been decided, the map is changed to LTS and everyone proceeds to their hill where they line up in the order they wish to fight. First combatants move to the center, bow and begin and when one duelist falls, he is immediately replaced by the next person in line with no regeneration time.

    We have found that when the server fills up to a full 8v8, the time limit is not long enough to allow 1v1s so we run a 2v2 version of this setup where everything is the same except the teams form a double line and advance as pairs, though reinforcements are only allowed as pairs, so if 3 combatants die and the next pair advances to a 2v1, you may not reinforce. The exception to this is when team have an odd number of players, like a 7v7 for example. Teams designate their solo combatant who may join the fray by himself at any time, but only 4 combatants may be active at once.

    To recap:

    • FFA with admin-selected random weapon to determine captains
    • Once teams are picked, map is changed to LTS
    • Line up on your side of the Moor in the order that you wish to fight
    • If teams are odd-numbered (7v7 for example) each captain announces their solo combatant who may join the fray by himself at any time (not subject to the lineup order), but only 4 combatants may be active at once.

    Let me know how often/when you guys would want this to go on, as I will be changing the server values to have an FFA-LTS-FFA-LTS map rotation to go with our setup so that the fun can continue without an administrator. It would be great if someone could tell me how to extend the time limit as well, some people don’t enjoy 2v2s as much as duels and it really becomes a requirement to pair up because of time limits. A different idea would be to simply have two 1v1 lines, but that kind of breaks the team atmosphere since you’d essentially have 4 teams at that point. Could be done, let me know through the poll!

  • sorry about the ping

  • I would defintely like to see more of this kendo 2v2’ing we had the other day. It was lots of fun when everything was well organized :)

  • If there is a way to extend the time limit, that would be much better so we could just do 1v1s, and throw in the 2v2s when we feel like it. I’d definitely say that the 2v2 line is preferred over the two 1v1 lines, seeing as it is more of a group experience that way.

  • Best way I’ve found to do it is to simply set the server to TDM and have both sides form up lines two wide for kendo. At the end of the fight, each team sends in either 1 or 2 reinforcements in as they need in order to have 2 people fighting from their side.

    No messing about with picking teams / captains, because that’s always just a pain to organize people into actually DOING and requires too many interruptions and explanations.

  • lol i can’t believe there is still no way to change the time limit for FFA or any game mode for that matter.

  • Maybe in DW…lol

    This sounds like endless fun.

  • there should be some kind of map made just for kendo, and somewhere to put the people that died until the next set. Starting points that release you once the one before you is complete, etc. etc.

  • Not a whole lot of votes, but the consensus is clear. Now I just need to know when people want to run it. Changed the poll.

    I think Wednesday and Saturday would be good days.

  • @Daiyuki:

    I think Wednesday and Saturday would be good days.

    Agreed :D

  • Saturdays are good for me. As long as I can attend one a week I’d be happy, but do it as often as people can organize it.

  • Any late time during the day :D

  • Gonna set it up for Saturday and Wednesday then, though sometimes setting changes don’t stick for whatever reason, so if it’s still Kendo setup on Thursday/Sunday, oh well.

  • This seems like great fun. Are you still doing this? Would like to hop on the train!

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