Server Game Speed?

  • Is there a way to set in the PCServer-UDKGame.ini or another file, a default game speed. I know about AOC_slomo x.x, however, is there any place I could put that or another command so it starts the server with slomo enabled? Thanks for any help in advance, and sorry if there’s already another thread with this question or a related one. :)

  • ;What game speed should we run at? 1.0 is normal speed (so 0.5 is half-speed, 2.0 is double-speed, etc.)

    fTimeDilation = 1.0

    have a look in pcserver-udkgame.ini, probably section like aoc.aocgame

  • Thank you kind sir. I set it to 0.75. I have also fiddled with the gravity, however my server doesn’t show up in the server list, and I can’t join it when I type open Any idea why? I looked at my UDKLogging.exe text and I don’t see that PCServer-UDKGame.ini wasn’t listed, which means it wasn’t executed. Any idea as to why?

  • This is probably due to slowly updating server list.

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