Inconsistency when activating Alternate attack amidst combos

  • For example, an overhead swing with a sword, (default: mouse-wheel down), WITHOUT the Alternative action function falls diagonally from the left, where as WITH it activated it falls diagonally from the right. If I attempt to perform a combo starting with a NON-alternate slash and then attempt to suddenly incorporate an ALTERNATE overhead swing, the overhead swing falls from the left when it should fall from the right.

    Usually, I’m terrified of submitting such posts regarding negative experiences on forums, but I felt inclined to humbly point this out.

  • You can’t mix alternate actions in combo, only start with them. Probably because combo animations are canned, observe your character comboing in 3rd person if you want to see what it looks like.

  • Same for counterattacks (riposte). I really hope they will add it at some point but there is same changed logic needed as you don’t want players to combo an attack into itself.


    • ignore alternate attacks in combos
    • comboing the same attack changes to alternate
    • comboing a different attack does not change to alternate


    • comboing the same attack or its alternate changes to alternate
    • comboing a different attack does not change to alternate

    But the reason we don’t have this is most likely because it requires additional animations and timings (comboing Slash to AltOverhead requires you to get around your own head first). However, there is no such problem with counterattacks - but maybe they use the same code and you cannot enable alternate attacks in riposte without enabling alternate attacks in combos.

  • EnigmaticGentleman, in case you’re still wondering about it, here’s a simple rule to remember: The second attack of your combo will always start from the side that the first attack ended on.

    One quick example: I start a combo with alternative overhead, then I combo it to normal slash. Now after the alt oh my weapon is on my left side, and even though I comboed normal slash it will perform alt slash, because alt slash starts from left and the idea of combo is to attack fast.

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