[CONCEPT] Warhammer Fantasy mod

  • Greetings everyone!

    This is something many people have probably thought of many times, but not more than “It would be cool for sure.” I have personally daydreamt about fighting Skavens as a Chaos Warrior with the mechanics of Chivalry many times, and tried really think about how a mod like this would look and work like. Since the only game development skills I have is creating stuff like 3D knives in on a noob level, I am not expecting this to ever be more than a concept. I just wanted to share it with you guys, all the artwork and ideas I’ve created for this.

    I lack the imagination to come up with better working systems when I am basing conceptual ideas of something already existing which is not broken. I am sure a Warhammer mod/game could use a better system for stuff like the division of classes that we have in Chivalry right now, but for my idea it’ll have to do.

    In Chivalry we have the following classes: Archer, Man-at-Arms, Vanguard and Knight. You are all familiar with their roles and what they do. For this mod concept, these would be the following classes: Ranged Infantry, Skirmisher/Light Infantry, Core Unit/Medium Infantry and Heavy Infantry/Special Unit. Since no class from any race will be equally balanced, for example a clanrat, the Core Unit of the Skaven, is not going to be equal to a swordsman or halbardier, the Core Unit of the Empire. A clanrat is going to be weaker, but probably faster. Every class in every army is going to be different and unique, though similar enough to actually be balanced and fair. Also, the “Special Unit” might not always be the “Heavy Infantry”. In the case of the Skaven, their Ranged Infantry are their Special Units.

    In my vision of this game/mod, I want to keep it somewhat realistic, setting considered. That is, I don’t want really over-the-top stuff like… well, for example, I’m thinking that the Warriors of Chaos are just a head taller than the humans, and that they don’t have gigantic swords and axes, although they will be pretty big of course. I have also not included any kind of magical characters, or daemon spawns, or hero units. First, I want the experience to give you the feel of the common foot soldiers among other common foot soldiers, and not a hero. For that, you can play Warhammer Online, I guess. Second, I don’t have anything against daemons, but they might be more work than it’s worth. That is, if this mod would be a reality. It wouldn’t be up to me.

    So let’s get started with the units themselves. For now, only the Empire and Skavens have been worked on since I feel they would be the easiest to implement and balance versus one another, and since Skavens are my favorite race.

    I will begin with The Empire, which is the easy one since they are humans and vanilla Chivalry has a lot of assets that can be borrowed. Many units within their classes will be able to change their appearance depending on the role they take. You will notice this in the concept art I’ve made. For example, the Empire has three different weapon tiers for their ranged unit. If you choose to be an archer, you will get the player model of a Huntsman.


    [Ranged Infantry]

    Bow tier [Huntsman] The three bows we currently have in Chivalry.

    • Longbow, Shortbow, Warbow

    Crossbow tier [Crossbowman] The three crossbows we currently have in Chivalry.

    • Crossbow, Light crossbow, Heavy crossbow

    Gun tier [Handgunner]

    • One good all-around medium-ranged gun, you begin with this. Can be used with a rest.
    • One short-ranged gun ineffective against armour but good on the move.
    • One long-ranged long-barreled gun effective against armour but longer reload and must be setup with a stationary rest to fire.


    • Broad Dagger, Thrusting Dagger, Hunting Knife
    • Shortsword, Saber, Falchion
    • Cudgel, Mallet, Hatchet


    • Broadhead arrows, good against light armour
    • Bodkin arrows, good against medium armour
    • Armour-piercing arrows, good against heavy armour
    • Extra bolts for crossbow
    • Gun rest for extra accuracy but longer setup time. Not available for the short gun, and it’s a must for the long gun.

    Concept art:


    [Light Infantry/Skirmishers]

    [Free Company, Militia]

    • Warhammer, War axe, Flanged Mace
    • Broadsword, Arming Sword, Falchion
    • Simple two-handed sword, felling axe, sledgehammer


    • Blacksmith’s hammer, Hatchet, Spiked Mace
    • Thrusting Dagger, Broad Dagger, Hunting Knife


    • Throwing knives (5)
    • Throwing hatchets (3)
    • Flint-lock pistol (1), one time use then thrown away [Idea]
    • Parry dagger, makes parrying a bit faster but drains a bit more stamina doing so. Can be used offensively in combos with alt attacks [Idea]
    • Buckler, does not act as a shield but as a parrying tool. Has a longer window you can hold the parry up, but a smaller area [Idea]

    Concept art:


    [Medium Infantry/Core Unit]

    [State Troops]
    Sword tier [Swordsman]

    • Broadsword, Arming Sword, one-handed Messer

    Halberd tier [Halberdier]

    Spear/polearm tier [Spearman]



    • Heater shield, for swordsman only.
    • Horseman’s shield, for swordsman only.
    • Regiment banner, only one per team. Banner gives a passive stamina regain boost to your team. Banner can either be used as a polearm, or held passively in left hand while fighting with a one-handed weapon.

    Concept art:


    [Heavy Infantry/Special]


    • Greatsword, Claymore, Zweihänder [Placeholders, maybe]
    • Longsword, Sword of War, Messer [Placeholders, maybe]



    • Blowing horn, effect undecided.
    • Different sigils with different bonuses.

    Concept art:



    [Ranged Infantry/Special Unit]

    Gun tier [Warplock Jezzail]

    • One good all-around, long-ranged, long-barreled gun, best used with a rest.
    • One medium range gun, faster to reload but does less damage to armour. Can be used with a rest.
    • One extremely long-barreled, long-ranged gun with a scope, must be used with a rest. Very good against armour.

    Bomb tier [Poisoned Wind Globadier]

    • Glass balls filled with poisonous green gas.
      The gas is a kind of mix between a fire pot and a smoke pot. It has an Area of Effect in which it hurts everyone and makes their vision blurry. When you step out of the AoE, you stop taking damage but your vision will remain blurry for a couple of seconds. With the gas machine on their backs, they replenish their own ammo with time.


    • Three types of Skaven swords
    • Three types of Skaven knives/daggers


    • Skaven pavise shield rest, Jezzails only
    • Regular gas balls
    • Small gas balls, thrown in a bundle. Don’t have an AoE, they only hurt whomever it directly hits. [Idea]

    Concept Art:

    ! Concept of Skaven Jezzail with the shortest gun available:
    ! Concept of Skaven Jezzail with the medium gun:
    ! Concept of a Skaven Globadier throwing a ball of poisonous gas:
    ! Close-up of a Globadier:
    ! These two images illustrate how the long-barreled scoped rifle could look like:

    [Light Infantry/Skirmishers]

    Primary, can be dual wielded with Secondary (except sling)
    [Nightrunners, Gutter Runners]

    • Three types of Skaven swords
    • Three types of Skaven daggers
    • Three types of claws and punch daggers
    • Sling


    • Three types of Skaven swords
    • Three types of Skaven daggers
    • Three types of claws and punch daggers


    • Throwing daggers (4)
    • Throwing stars (6)
    • Poisoned throwing dagger (1)
    • Lead balls, for sling
    • Rocks, for sling

    Concept art:

    ! I don’t have any art made by myself here to show you, so here are other people’s work:

    [Medium Infantry/Core Unit]


    • Three types of Skaven swords
    • Three types of stabby polearms
    • Three types of choppy polearms


    • Three types of Skaven knives and daggers
    • Three types of Skaven clubs and maces


    • Skaven round shield, can’t be used with choppy polearms
    • Skaven triangle shield, can’t be used with choppy polearms
    • Regiment banner, only one per team. Banner gives a passive stamina regain boost to your team. Banner can either be used as a polearm, or held passively in left hand while fighting with a one-handed weapon.

    Concept art:

    ! Concept of Skaven polearms, three stabby and three choppy:
    ! Concept of a random Skaven weaponry:
    ! Concept of a clanrat with spear and shield:
    ! Concept doodle of a clanrat with sword and shield:

    [Heavy Infantry]




    • Skaven triangle shield (optional, passively used when using glaive)
    • Skaven round shield (optional, passively used when using glaive)

    Concept art:


    Oh, and a bit of a teaser for you guys:


  • Cool to see this topic got at least 60 clicks, wonder if anyone looked through the concept art :) hehe

    Alright, so I am a beginner at 3D modelling and all that, don’t know much about the functions at all or how to texture or whatever. Anyways, I made two models of Skaven weaponry in Blender that I just wanted to share. They might be far too low poly for Chivalry, though. I dunno.


  • How many polygons per weapon? They look nice.

  • @Gauntlet:

    How many polygons per weapon? They look nice.

    Thank you for your interest!

    Skaven weapon 1 (the chopper)

    Verts: 706
    Faces: 704
    Tris 1408

    Skaven weapon 2 (the hook)

    Verts: 632
    Faces: 628
    Tris: 1260

    Skaven weapon 3 (the glaive)

    Verts: 670
    Faces: 666
    Tris: 1336

    I don’t know if these numbers are right since I only model half the weapon, and then mirror the other half automatically. I don’t know if that number is displayed.

    What would a good weapon for Chivalry be at?
    These weapons probably have a bit unnecessary clutter or something, since I’m not used to making 3D models.

  • The mirrored side’s vertices are counted. Even if the modifier isn’t applied. So those should be the actual values.

    I don’t quite know if they are alright, since I haven’t developed anything myself a few years, and used to use a very old machine (It couldn’t even handle Gothic 2, that’s how bad it was!), which didn’t allow me such “high” values :P

  • Ok, cool. Since weapons are shown close up in detail in first person, they might need be higher poly count. Or maybe a nice texture is what does that trick. Anyways, I’ve been working on a Skaven sword. Gonna work on a few other swords after this one, then a bunch of daggers and a few more polearms. I don’t know what I should do about the hilt though, it’s a bit simple, maybe adding a pommel or something.

    Verts: 714
    Faces: 712
    Tris: 1424

  • @SavageBeatings:

    Ok, cool. Since weapons are shown close up in detail in first person, they might need be higher poly count. Or maybe a nice texture is what does that trick.

    If you are new to modelling/texturing for games, I highly suggest watching through these videos by Millenia. They are a really good introductory tutorial on the full process of making a high poly model, a low poly model, uv unwrapping, baking normal maps, and texturing. While the example is a gun, the skills are just as applicable to the weapons you are making. Here is the link to those videos.

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … 7DF5FA2258

    You will also want to learn the basics of importing skeletal meshes (what weapons are) in unreal and testing the very basic models first before going into great detail on the individual models. This will help you to balance the scale of them compared to the characters, and help point out any potential issues with them in the early stages.

    Keep this stuff a comin!

  • Thanks a lot!

    I’m pretty much a complete newbie, so I will look into those tutorials when I have the time this weekend. :D

  • I’ve been watching those videos, Lucas, and they are a great help, even if I’m working in Blender. It looks so easy and simple when he is creating that shotgun, and here I am trying to create swords and stuff in weird shapes and sharp edges.

    Anyways, here’s a WIP of something I’m working on, a two-handed flail with hooks. Will probably have to redo the hooks, and resize things to make it look actually menacing.

  • For the “Skaven-sword”: I would recommend curving the hilt a little, and make it thinner, especially on one axis, so it better fits the shape of a hand. Also I would add something to the end of the hilt… a pommel would be good IMO, and change the curve at the tip of the sword to be a little more subtle.

    With specular-, diffuse- and normalmaps it will look better. Actually I think the textures are the most challenging part when creating assets.

    Nice work! I’m not exactly into the whole warhammer-theme, but the models look interesting.

  • Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with the sword either. I also find it difficult to add a good-looking tip to a sword of that shape, I don’t know how I am supposed to do it. Anyways, I remade that sword, it looks a bit better but as you see, I don’t know how to make the tip.

    I have this feeling that texturing my models will be the hardest part, so I am kind of procrastinating it :P I will make textured models in the future, I have to.

    I’m not exactly an expert of Warhammer either, as mostly I am not a fan of high fantasy and magic and stuff. I just like renaissance feel of the human race, and the whole concept of the Skaven race. If this mod concept were to be a reality, it would aim to be a more realistic fantasy version of Warhammer, kind of what Peter Jackson did with LotR. There would be somewhat realistic, nothing exaggerated and combat inefficient, shapes and sizes of armour and weapons. The Warriors of Chaos, for example, would be just about one head taller than regular humans, and not big hulking suits of inch-thick metal.

  • So I thought I’d help out a bit. I’m working on that skaven glaive:

    It’s just a very high polygon sculpt, but I’m working now on a low poly version for game to bake all that detail.

    As for the sword tip, I had occasion to work with Blender just once (thankfully), but there should be an option to ‘collapse’ the verticies to create a sharp blade tip.

  • Wow! Fucking beautiful, man! Aah, seeing that glaive really eager to see a Warhammer mod/game be worked on, but it makes me sad that all I can do is come up with ideas and draw some concept art. Skillful and dedicated modders are hard to come by, I’ve seen so many promising mods die before a release due to lack of interest, lack of modders on the team, and this annoying thing called ‘real life’ getting in the way.

    And yeah, collapse worked wonders! :)

  • Ok, so here are two swords I worked a bit on. The first one turned out quite nicely, but the second picture there is based on the sword this rat is holding, and it looks like a fucking Lego sword! :(

  • So… tried making a Skaven shield, turned out alright I think. Really gotta learn doing textures soon, tried it a while ago and wanted to punch the computer :(

  • If torn banner were bought by Sega we might see something like this. As Sega have rights to the franchise and I think another publisher got rights too recently.

    Though it would probably be Warhammer 40k. Them space marines.

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