Can't buy helmets

  • So, the chivalry steam sale hit and I figured I’d show my support by buying some of the new helmets, unfortunately, it seems that one can only purchase them through the in-game customizer. And for some reason, when trying to open said customizer, I get the message “Couldn’t communicate with server” and the helmets don’t show up in the list. Did the helmet DLCs conveniently disappear in time for the steam sale, or am I experiencing a freak issue?

    Thanks in advance

  • Free weekend. Servers don’t know what to do.

    Its fine now for me I can access the customiser.

  • Well, high traffic as it may be, I’ve never even had a “communicating with server” pop up in the customization window before. Suddenly there’s a loading screen that’s never been there before and it’s consistently unable to connect? I’ve been trying several times during the last few days, at different times, I don’t really buy that the servers are CONSTANTLY under such heavy traffic that it would never be able to connect.

    Well, it’s fine in the sense that I can access the customizer, that’s not the problem. The problem is that the customizer won’t “communicate” with the server, meaning that I can’t buy the DLC helmets. Anyone know if it’s possible to buy them without using the in-game browser? I can’t find it in the DLC list on steam.

    Still can’t connect, by the way… aaand steam sale ends in a few hours :(

  • Well its over and I can finally change the look of my dudes again. It may not of been high traffic directly but it could of screwed something else up.

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