First Impressions

  • Hello, Sir Cyanide of Hardwire here to make my opinion known. Us at Hardwire Gaming have about 30 members who play Chivalry regularly, and about 10 or so have pre-ordered deadliest warrior for the beta. Here’s my thoughts, and Ill be inviting my clan to chirp in. Basically this is for Torn Banner’s benefit, playing a beta, should probably give feedback.

    Note: While I’m of the opinion CMW is a well working game, and I’m pretty good, I’m no pro.

    -Multi team LTS and Deathmatch modes are absolutely awesome and we love them.
    -Each class has a different feel and a distinct rhythm with regards to attacking and defending. Each require different tactics.
    -Pirates don’t feel like you’ve went and broken the game by adding guns unless they are in huge groups, which should be the case anyways.
    -Ninja’s don’t feel OP, which always could’ve been an issue with regards to dmg in/dmg out.
    -While the game itself isn’t running perfectly (optimization?), the blocking seems pretty well intact. The footwork itself seems faster for most classes (See cons), so this could be leading to a misconception in blocking.
    -I actually have fun (Important)
    -Lots of bugs due to it being a beta, such as the pirates gun not firing without switching weapons first.
    -Spawn placement in free for all, which I am assuming is placeholder.
    -Spawn placement in some Deathmatch maps, I can tell you, not amazing fighting Pirates as Sparta on Isle when they spawn right behind the dominating terrain feature on the beach.
    -i7 4770k with a 780 and I drop frames sometimes on Bamboo. I am of the opinion I have an advantage on this map because the frames dropped are very few. Many folks complain of lag.
    -Footwork does not seem intricate/worth monitoring, all classes seem to move a tad too fast/out of sync with animations.
    -I don’t know if Samurai are unbalanced, but I do know defending against them as a Pirate, Ninja is incredibly difficult. I also think due to the animation desync in the footwork it makes the too hard to anticipate for no good reason.
    -First person view for Sparta feels very weak.
    -Spartan shield bash is one of the few things that keeps them viable. It COULD be OP, but your intelligence is questionable for letting a Spartan get that close.
    -Game needs team autobalancing, I think.
    -LTS first round timer needs to be longer
    -Player models leave much to be desired with regards to detail/polish.

    Feel free to add what your impressions have been. I want this to be a helpful post , so keep it positive.

  • Autobalance was really bugged when it was in the alpha so they took it out for the time being. In multi team modes It would autobalance you and spawn you as a samurai even if you were on the pirates team. And it wasn’t that good anyway.

    Spawns are hilarious on valley 6 team LTS. You will spawn right next to an enemy.

    As with many games nowadays that are in beta or newly released they seem to like older hardware especially with the GPU. AMD 5670 and I’m running the game between 30-60 FPS depending on the map using higher settings than on C:MW. I have an i5 3570k. Though my 5670 is the gigabyte OC-GI edition which is the super version of the 5670. Being GDDR5 instead of DDR3, 1GB instead of 512MB and of course clocked higher. As well as a few other improvements. Its almost a 5750.

    I think LTS times are fine. Very rarely is it a draw. Maybe a small increase in time on fjord. Sometimes you can get 3 times all running around in a circle in the same direction.

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