The samurai

  • The samurai is a good class but could yous some tweaking. His weapons sometimes glitch through shields(especially the larger ones). I also think if you equip the bow in the primary slot you should get more ammo than if you equip it in the secondary slot(because of the extra weapons in the primary slot). The sheath attack is not so useful due to its lack of range and faulty hit detection and it seems to only work with the Katana and the baby katana(sorry forgot the name). And allot of his weapons seem to have way to much reach(namely the big sword ningato)based off the samurai VS the spartan game mode the samurai weapons seem to out reach the spartan spears. He is also a very spam happy class with a lot of people just horizontal swinging the katana(hopefully this gets cleared up like it did in CMW). There are also a few smaller things but these are the main ones for me at least. let me know what you guys think and what else should be fixed

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