The pirate

  • The pirate is mainly a ranged class that a lot of people complain about(very much like the archer hell ive even a server all ready say pirate class = ban). I will emit though the blunder buss is kinda OP being able to 1 hit kill a lot of classes in one hit at close range and there pistol has a fast reload too. But i like there ability to taunt to regain health too bad it barely works though :(. There melee weapons are fine to me(though there hit detection could yous a little bit of tweaking). The other thing is the the Molotov cocktail, it has the problem that the fire pots did in chivalry of being too weak you never get a kill with them(annoying yes effective no). Over all i quite like the pirate class there are a few things that are annoying(like when people just sit in a group and fire at things killing everything #1 strategy NA). Also the guns don’t really have a fuse time it just feels like there hit scan.
    let me know what you guys think about arch- “cough” i mean pirates and what should be fixed.

    :footy: = :archb:

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