Duel Mode: Elimination.

  • I am suggesting a new mode for Duel involving Elimination. I know many of you may be familiar with this concept already, but I will explain it for those who are not. The way it would work follows this.

    For Example: 4 vs 4 teams. A player from Blue team Duels a player from Red team. Player 1 from red team eliminates Player 1 from blue team. Player 1 from red team keeps the same health they finished with, and a new player from Blue team is selected. Thus creating an elimination style format. This continues until the round is ended.

    This creates a team game, but still keeps the 1 vs 1 feel of Dueling.


  • It’s a good idea I like it.

    It would be even better if the spectators get to play spectating peasants and throw rotten tomatoes.

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