Loving the teamplay

  • I think my favourite thing so far, that shines through all the bugs and lag, is the teamwork that people are getting in during the faction battles. There’s just something really awesome about banding together with your fellow warriors to take down the enemy faction, and everyone seems to be getting on board.

    Here’s a snap of a 3 faction LTS, where we’d finished taking down all the vikings and just had to get the spartans. We then stumbled upon this.

    After regrouping, someone signaled the charge, and we bore down on our foes, ultimately slaying them all despite being outnumbered.

  • Conclussion: Knights are OP

  • The teamplay in C:DW for some reason is so much better than in C:MW! Especially in multi-LTS and multi-TDM!

  • Yes, yes, yes!
    I’m honest, I don’t miss TO (currently). More maps and adjustable settings like time/score limit would be great though.

  • multiteam TO would be cool :l

  • @Xylvion:

    multiteam TO would be cool :l

    LOL. how the fuck would that work!? xD

  • I like all charging in shields raised yelling and getting shot at by pirates. All as a team.

  • the comradery is amazing

  • I’m surprised by this too, I have noticed it a lot in C:DW so far. Had a brilliant game of Multi-team LTS as Vikings on Fjord where we decided to hold out at the boats, unseen, and then charge the other teams as they circles around the map. This evolved in to sending out “bait” to lure in the other teams and worked really effectively. :)

    I think you have to play as a team in this game otherwise you have no chance of soloing against a larger group (unless you are Samurai).

  • I’ve been watching a few good looking videos and the gamers feedback seems to be overall positive. It looks like it has some interesting new features.
    Let’s see if Paypal has made its moves and I can buy the game already :P .

  • @Hitom:


    multiteam TO would be cool :l

    LOL. how the fuck would that work!? xD

    3 v 3 could possibly work.

    3 classes at random are chosen to defend, while the other 3 are chosen to push, same way as it is currently on a 1 to 1 in CMW.

    so you’ve got say… Knights, Samurai and ninja vs Spartan, Viking and Pirate, (Heavy, Medium, Small) in terms of armour,

    (could be different)

    you’re given the objective of protecting someone at the end, in the very same way stoneshill and citadel are.

    or you could do like battlegrounds has, since thats already kinda the same in this, just more visually upgraded etc and blow up the doors to the keep,

    first objective would be to destroy something, like that large wooden object you can run through i dunno, expand it / move it or something, to like a barn that way, where lets call it Team KSN vs SVP.

    KSN have managed to capture a upfront base belonging to SVP where they were using the barn to store a ram / bomb equipment in order to get into the castle,

    you then have SVP trying to retake the area, breaking down the barn, once its open the KSN team are pushed back, you then need to move the object from the barn towards the bridges, (possibly closest being blocked but a mini objective to destroy / otherwise have to go to the long one / just make a middle bridge / remove 1)

    you then have to push it towards the castle, blow open the first gate and / or break down the door.

    i guess the break the door with it could work better once you’ve secured the drawbridge as the 3rd objective?

    something on those lines anyhow, but thats just throwing out an idea lol.

  • I agree, the teamwork in DW is by far the most noticeable positive increase over MW. I am just hoping that it isn’t just to do with the regular players of MW playing the early release and that the game is actually forcing teamwork.

    Nothing feels greater than successful ninja teamwork, hiding in the shadows, sneaking up on that one player who has slightly strayed too far from their team and then completely surrounding him. One by One they all fall down :D

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