How polished will the release be?

  • Hey i was just wondering how clean and bug free the Release Copy of Chivalry Medieval Warfare will be?

    How is the latest beta looking like?

    Also a small unimportant and visual thing i noticed from watching training videos is that the signs really look awful will these be fixed?

    Thanks for this great game!

  • No game release is going to be perfect, but rest assured, the developer team, alpha & beta team has been active for a long time and we’re always working on the game to fix bugs, improvements, etc.

    It’s still being polished and it’s going to continue being polished through suggestions, feedback, and ideas from the community.

  • Yes that’s one of the most notable aspects of this game that I have seen in my short time here - the developers actually listen to and implement the player’s suggestions to improve and polish the game, and damn it works. Someone should share this information with big game developers :D

  • If they’d just open the beta up to all pre-orders, they could make release day alot smoother.

  • We fixed up a lot of bugs with the latest patch. Still a bunch to go, but we feel it is down to a manageable amount from now until release.

  • Happy to hear its manageable. I agree that the dev / community relationship is very important in making good games.

    I hope the game comes out as polished as possible.

    Even the beta gameplay videos look very polished and bugless if you ask me :)

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