Add an option to reset the unlock progress

  • I have visited this forum first time for a long time. I don’t know where is the ‘ideas’ subforum so I have posted here.

    I have unlocked everything in this game. So I forgot that there is something like unlocking. But it was a magic when I had to unlock a next weapon. I want feel this magic again. I think you should add an option to reset the unlock progress with keeping the level as it was before the reset. Unlocking was very funny :)

  • Know that feel bro. I loved having to unlock all the weapons, especially ones that don’t suit my play style! You could always create a smurf account and do it again?

  • A smurf account? And buy another copy of Chivalry? No.

  • On the contrary, I think they should unlock every weapon for everyone be default. Too many times I’ve read frustrated new players complaining in chat how they aren’t able to use that one really cool weapon they were excited about (Maul, Zweihander, et cetera) because the server, for some reason, isn’t tracking their kills. The whole idea of restricting your choice of something as basic as your primary weapon is just damned silly, anyway.

    If they did remove unlocks, though, I wouldn’t have any problem with your suggestion. More options are almost always a good thing.

  • Unlocking is still buggy as there are several free weekenders who bought it and are not unlocking weapons because it is bugged…. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

  • Yeah, I’d like some kind of prestige weapons button and maybe prestiging your weapon unlocks would give you more progress towards the next rank(I’m rank 39 and I want 40 sooo bad, I feel like a noob in the competitive scene but I’m not xD). I know the fact tht I rarely pub is the problem but I wanna play LoL too D: Perhaps, even after we get 5th or 10th prestige or something we could unlock the “Master” Helmets likes cooler veteran helmets. A simple indicator for 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. prestige could just be a simple color change in your name on the scoreboard. Another thing I would like is the ability to combine our gold, black and silver helmets with the look of the veteran hemlets because I know some competitive players that haven’t even unlocked every weapon yet.

    Maybe I should stop dreaming so much…

  • I would be very glad to see something like the tasks in the game. Something like it is in the Battlefield 3. For example ‘kill at least 10 enemies by your fists in onr round’ or ‘kill 100 enemies by ballista or catapult’, ‘do a headshot from more than xx meters’, ‘finish a round with k/d better than 5.0’, ‘finish a round with 0 deaths and more than 10 kills’, ‘finish a round with an accuracy 1.0 playing only as an archer’, ‘kill 100 enemies by smashing their heads by a blunt weapon’, ‘kill 3 enemies at one swing’ ‘kill an enemy 100 times without being hit’ or something more like that.

    Every completed task would give you a special reward. For example new customization options - more crests and new helmets. For the more-badass tasks there would be better rewards like a weapon customization - runes on a sword or axe or etc. Maybe a special golden or silver ring over the shield. And if you completed all the tasks, there should be something like an option to set any custom colour on the scoreboard or to paint a custom crest.

    Tasks would be very good things that would make a lot of fun after you have unlocked all weapons.

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