Perspective of a noob on DW

  • Hey guys.

    Let me start of by saying that I am new to both DW and the original game MW, so in your words I would be a ‘‘noob’’ , so be it. However, noob or no noob, beginners are also gamers and we are also entitled to an opinion. After all, first impressions do count.

    I’ve been playing MW religiously for the past 5 days, and gone from know-to-hit-NOTHING to scoring up to 20 kills a Match (no need to be impressed, just giving you an idea of where I am at now). I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME. The fighting is awesome, the cutting off of body parts is fantastic and I love the scenery and lighting effects aren’t bad either. What I love the most about the game is the humor, and the OBJECTIVES. Burning down villages and protecting a king that even bashes in your brain if you hit him by accident, great stuff!

    BUT: WHY doesn’t the expansion have objectives…?

    It would be so cool for Vikings to raid villages, burn down houses, rape women and steal coin.
    It would be so cool for Spartans to form a shield wall and stop rebels from breaking in to their cities, protect the politicians or dominus haha.
    It would be cool for the pirates to have a ocean fight, on boats, or just at the docks and take slaves or something back to the boat.

    Then some things I noticed:

    1. Do something about the spawning… I sometimes get spawned right in front of the enemy and he just bashed me in the head from behind before I even get a chance to move.

    2. Throwing spears for Spartans isn’t working well yet, I even threw one in my own shield (???) and I can’t pick them back up most of the time.

    3. Viking threw his shield but got a new one back on his arm that however cannot be used to block anything.

    4. I find some of the maps graphically less interesting than those of MW. I’m missing the atmosphere that gave a great feeling in MW.

    5. I feel that (Although I am a noob) the parrying is a bit off, comparing to MW. I can literally see spears going a meter next to my body and I still get damaged…pisses me off. :P

    6. I know in MW, when a Vanguard runs, you can do this special boosting attack, right? You would see him lift his weapon and then you know you can smash the crap out of someone. Well, I see my viking also lifts up his weapon and I was expecting something similar, but there is nothing behind it… That is a bit lame, in my opinion.

    Some additional ideas: More weapons. Within classes, have at least 2 different characters to choose from with his/her (maybe do some females for fun sake) own special look and ability. I know I know, we now got 6 classes, what is the noob complaning about… But it would still be nice to see some more variation within classes. Male/Female or something. Cool.

    I really wonder what will be the end result when it releases in a few weeks from now. Keep up the great work!

    OH and btw…in MW the weapons keep locking after that I unlocked them! And sometimes it just won’t unlock at all! What is up with that…

  • For all your points save 5. It’s a beta. These will be tweaked and fixed. The TO will probably be created by players at some point. The locked weapon thing in MW is a glitch. You also have to make sure you are on a legit server to properly unlock and get achievements etc. The blocking in DW is actually better. They removed a thing called the bubble which means you can get physically way closer to your enemy. This means you have to look further to the side when blocking ‘facehug’ attacks. People have been wanting a female option for some time but seeing as there are lots of bugfixes it’s low on the priority list. Expect them in a long while.

    Sounds like you like to play Vanguard. Try a harder class.

  • I think your point about weapons being lifted is just kind of like a force of habit thing. I thought it as well at first, but all the classes do it and it kind of makes sense when you’re charging and screaming (and you should be screaming) that you’d be holding your weapon over your head like a mad man.

  • Raising your weapon up is just for pure Awesomeness.

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