My thoughts after a 4 hrs of gameplay

  • I love the original game, and while I wouldn’t say I’m a 1337 player I do think I at least have a handle of the game and how things work. Moving to DW has been hard for me however. I don’t feel like my hits connect as well as in MW, as a lot of swings that look like they’re dead on seem to miss. I’m sure I will get use to the change, but it’s worth noting to me as I don’t particularly like it. I believe this is because they have moved hit detection from client to server side to lower the amount of packets sent and received, at least this is what others have said. Doing this will allow for larger servers, which is something I would really like as I tend to like the 48+ servers in MW, but don’t play in them much due to the lag. So it’s more than understandable, but I still don’t like the hit detection as it is now.

    The maps are way too big for TDM/LTS/FFA. I understand that the goal is 64 players, but even then I feel they’d be too big. The main problem is in general there’s too many places to go inside the map, and they all are basically a ring, with some nice fighting area in the middle. What generally happens however, is everyone runs around the ring in a large group and picks off the people who aren’t with the enemy mob, until the two groups meet. Last night in a LTS game we actually had the timer run out before any large battles had taken place. Was kinda annoying and felt like I was wasting my time on that map. I forget the name of the map, but it’s the was the one in the first pic below.

    Another thing about maps, I see a lot of floating objects such as sword display racks, and trees. Pic’s below showing a few I’ve seen so far. Another problem is you’re able to walk through protrusions on walls that aren’t flat. Ninjas also seem to be able to fall to the bottom of the spartan hole and not die. Not sure if intended, if so someone might want to tell Leonidas not to kick ninjas into his hole.

    One thing I thought was very fun is when your team works together in 6 team battles. Today I was doing a LTS 6 team battle, and all of our team would run together and then roll about yelling “shh, quiet” (we were ninjas) and all jumping into smaller battles as a group taking out everyone. Chat was hilarious afterwards, especially after jumping a lone knight using a crossbow from behind. “You little fucks, grow some balls” said by the knight using a crossbow miles away from the actual fight. If there was a way to encourage teams to do this more, it would be amazing.

    This all said I do feel like all the classes but samurai are underpowered. Hard to make any real comments on this as I’ve only played for 4 hrs in DW and while I’ve played all the classes, samurai always seem to come out ahead in any fight as shown in their score.

  • @gregcau:

    inb4 Beta comments.

    I understand this, doesn’t mean people cant or shouldn’t comment about it.

  • more its a beta comments

    I know that the map size is reportedly being reduced to support the 32 player servers better but that’s about the only thing I’ve seen confirmed XD

  • I’ve had to kick people from the server becuase ninjas decide to go down that hole. They then refuse to f10.

  • @GoDM1N:


    inb4 Beta comments.

    I understand this, doesn’t mean people cant or shouldn’t comment about it.

    I agree, its just some people get all defensive and say its Beta so you shouldn’t post.

    I think lots of feedback is a good thing.

  • @lemonater47:

    I’ve had to kick people from the server becuase ninjas decide to go down that hole. They then refuse to f10.

    Seems like shooting ninjas in a hole if you have ranged weapons. I personally found out you can do this by trying to look down it, and a team mate kicking me in. Then everyone else followed :P

  • I very much agree with you on the map size, GoDM1N.
    I know there’ll be smaller versions of the maps in the full game, but I think it’s important for the maps to be scaled down, rather than “cut down”, as they are planned to be in my understanding. Most maps would really benefit if the overall open fighting ground were scaled down, while assets like trees and pillars remained the original size. The current map design is just too boring, and doesn’t make much sense considering the combat’s been sped up.

  • The maps as they are now seem like team objective maps, and I would assume they’ll block part of them off as they did in MW.

    A few more I noticed.

    Stairs are missing a texture on the back.

    You can walk right through this rock

    The wood doesn’t meet up with the rock and can see through it.

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