Progress reset every match? WTF!?

  • So Chivalry is completely broken and won’t save my progress and I want my money back. I mean, how long have you had to fix this game!? FIX THE FUCKING GAME BEFORE YOU FOCUS ON DLC!

  • Unfortunately we’re just going to have to deal with it for now. TBS are possibly either the laziest developers, or just have the worst programmers on the planet. This has been a bug on and off since release. But please, don’t get a refund. It’s a fantastic game, even if your weapon choices are limited because of a stupid bug. Give it time, sometimes it does work, albeit infrequently. Chivalry is a great game and I would highly recommend you stay.

  • Yeah, I suppose we just have to deal with it. I finally ranked up to 34 yesterday and was back to 33 the next match. This happened twice. Undoubtedly a lot of people bought the game after the free weekend and it’s kinda shitty that they have to go through this. Doesn’t give a very good impression of the game, now does it.

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