Balance, Character changes and gameplay fixes.

  • So i’m a veteran chiv player and have been playing tonnes of the ‘beta’ and while I do like what I see so far there is still ALOT of things that need fixing and changes implemented. I’m more of the kind of person who would add things to game to balance existing problems rather than remove those things as it creates more depth to the gameplay.

    First off with some bugs ive found which need fixed.
    Ninja roll hitbox is faulty, you have to roll earlier than you should as it seems the hit box is slow to follow your roll.
    If a spartan throws a spear at a viking and it hits the shield on the vikings back the viking will become stuck in T-pose and unable to move.
    Viking upper body becomes T-pose when hitting multiple enemies, with the first enemy being hit, and a 2nd enemy then parrying. This causes his upper body to become stiff, you have to RMB to get out of it.

    Class changes, also includes suggested idea to make them more interesting and unique to play.


    All classes and game.

    -Allow thrown weapons to be recovered from dead bodies, this includes shurikens and arrows.
    -Add ammo crates

    -All classes that get staggered are subject to a free hit from the enemy, except for new Knight and ninja passive ability.

    -Add Team Objective, why isn’t this in seriously? Lots of missed opportunity for unique objectives. You could have the spartans defending a VIP in a narrow hallway. You could have ninja’s trying to sneak in and destroy objectives that are defended. Vikings invading a port on their ships which must be defended. The list goes on.

    -Fix spawns

    -Add spawn on team for multi-team deathmatch


    -Buff smoke bombs and make them a decent pick, perhaps add an effect like reducing enemy attack speed and increasing yours when in it, or make it do damage over time to enemies within it.

    -Add a new attack which can be performed s a roll ends like an upward slash. This would make the ninja’s roll so much more useful as it would now be usable as a way to effectively punish foes who whiff their attacks, and isn’t that what the ninja is about?

    -Allow secondaries to be used mid roll.

    -Give ninjas no movement penalty for moving backwards or sideways, they should be the most agile class!

    -Backstabs and Attacks while jumping do 20% more dmg

    -Allow ninjas to jump and kick

    -When a ninja is staggered, they can parry their next opponents attack and auto roll backwards, They still take 50% of the opponents attacks dmg and recover 40% of their stamina.


    -Allow shield to be recovered once throw, to make things more interesting, if you hit an enemy with a thrown shield, allow it to bounce back in your direction captain america style so you can try and catch it. If this was implemented, cause the shield to break after 2 successful hits.

    -Give him a fist weapon by default, so you can go proper crazy and throw all your weapons away and still be able to fight well enough, and give them wristguards so they can parry enemy weapon attacks. Disable this on fist fight map.

    -If an enemy has one of your weapons stuck in them and you have none and you kick them, the viking also grabs the weapon and recovers it, dealing additional damage.

    -Give the combo a cooldown before it’s effect wears off of about 2 seconds, so you can start it up again if you are interrupted. otherwise it’s pretty useless as it is and Vikings meant to be about overwhelming the opponent right?

    -'Vikings Rage 'attack damage increased by 2% for each decapitation, stacks up to 10 times. Lose 1 stack per death.


    Knights are easily the most boring class so lets make them more interesting.

    -Add more weapon choices for shield, An axe and A grand flail, also add in tower shield. Add a greatsword/mace

    -‘Knights Valor’ stamina cost of attacks and blocks decreases by 5% for each successful kill/assist. Stacks up to 10 times, all stacks lost on death. A stack is also consumed when staggered, negating it and allowing you to defend yourself.

    -Give them vanguard special when sprinting, for sword and shield it should be a running shield slam that knocks down on hit or breaks guard and gives advantage on block.

    -Knights heavy boots make their kick cause 30% more damage but also costs 30% more stamina,


    -Stamina cost of attacking/blocking reduced by 5% for each nearby spartan.

    -Rallying cry, using stationary also increases dmg, attack speed and defence of nearby spartans by 10% for 10 seconds. Multiple spartans can do this to stack the bonus, max 3 stacks.

    -Spartans can share extra spears with other spartans.

    -When sprinting Spartans charge up a small meter for distance traveled (Up to 100m), that increases the damage of the next attack up to a max of +20%.

    -Throwing a spear whilst sprinting will throw the spear farther, faster, and do 10% more dmg.


    -When using bow MMB does a foward bow punch to hit people up close, this should give enough space so when switching, the draw attack could land.

    -‘Leg Sweep’, Samurais MMB is a low leg sweep that knocks down on hit for a free follow up strike, this attack costs 30% of stamina, 60% if blocked and put at disadvantage.


    -New ability, Disarm, all weapons now have a 10% chance to automatically disarm and throw your opponents weapon in a random direction after parrying.

    -Put in more primary weapons, A weaker double barrel pistol, A buckler for use with secondary.
    New secondary, - Disarming blade - low damage, medium range, medium speed, can disarm enemies

    -Disarming blade’s parry has 20% chance to automatically disarm and throw your opponents weapon in a random direction, after each unsuccessful parry the chance is increased by 10%, after successful disarm next reload is 50% faster

    -After kicking an enemy, your next reload is 50% faster.

    -‘Focus fire!’, pressing MMB when aiming at an enemy will mark them for other team mates, this target will also take 5% increased dmg.

    So heres just a list of some changes that I think would make this game pretty amazing, I haven o problems with the current way attacks/flinching ect works, just more content and character depth is needed… Aside from this though my other major gripe with the game though is actually the graphics and music. The graphics are all over the place (The spartan looks better in The deadliest warrior XBLA/PSN arcade game from like 4 years ago!) and pretty inconsistent and the music is just… Horrible.

    But otherwise I hope people can see this and perhaps implement some of these suggested changes or even tell me why they shouldnt be so.


  • Terrible ideas overall… Making knight even stronger than he currently is?
    pirates can ‘disarm’? - that is the worst idea i ever heard.
    samurai can hit with he’s bow?.. isn’t the pull-hit enough for you OP bastards?..

    seriously… you didn’t think about balance AT ALL when you came up with these ideas, interresting as they sound they would be game breaking in many aspects…

  • O_o

    That’s all I will say about this!

    Please move by, people. There’s nothing to see here!

  • Even though some of those ideas are pretty ridiculous/OP, I like where you are going :D

  • Jesus christ so this is the audience TBS wants?

  • Way to many RNG elements, gtfo role player.

  • Random number generation has no role in Chivalry. 10% chance to do anything is a failed mechanic in a skill based game.
    You have fun ideas, but they aren’t balanced ideas.

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