Some little things to fix

  • Hello all,

    One thing that make me a little bit angry :

    Why shields dont parry against the archer/in front of him, but ONLY against the arrow head, and only this arrow head ? If we not parrie ON this little arrow pointed on us, we are shooted. Is it a shield or just a “point” useless object ? (i hope you understand what i mean).
    A shield is an object that cant parry more space, than this little space/point in front of us… that we must targeting to be not striked.
    Even if we parry on this little point in front (when its red), the most of times, we are still striked. Its a thing to meditate. Seriously.

    Second thing :

    I ve noticed since the last patch, that some hitings are not effectives, even if we hit throught enemy… =)

    Last thing i ve noticed :

    Sometimes we are oneshot without any critical hitting, or head oneshot, on us. Why ? Is it a bug ?

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english

    A french fan of this amazing (but perfectible ) Chivalry…

  • i agree with you it is perfectible, but we are a long way from that my friend.

    and you can block arrows with your sheild very easily, just not fire arrows.

    and yes since they removed the modding files claiming they caused “all the inconsistencies”, the hit detection has been utter crap with all that stuff gone, i totaly agree with you on that, i never seen so many swings hit me from 8 miles away or go right through me from 2 feet away before they removed that stuff, and in the last 2 or 3 patches it has gotten worse too, we keep telling them but nothing is being done about it my friend it seems.

    my theory is they jacked the weapon force up too much which is why we are getting hit from miles away when there is no possible way that weapon could have reached us.

    maybe they dont know that increasing the weapon force also increases the weapons range.
    not visualy but physicaly, it really helped alot of the small weapons when they were modded like this on my server expecially with the player mesh we have to deal with, it was a great trick i used to make my server way more intense and made alot of the weapons that were no good become viable weapons again.

    the dane axe and morning star were pretty epic on my server till all that happened.

  • I ve noticed that the medium hammer for knight have a bigger range… now, than before. I ve seen that its bigger than the medium sword of vanguard. I ve experimented this today. Now this hammer has a very big reach, more than before. I cant touch the hammer man with the long sword, long sword expected to have more reach than this hammer. Its amazing how this hammer is used since the last patch, because of this “bug”.

    Someone has noticed that too ?

    Its maybe a hitbox problem…

    Maybe it s a dream… but i dont think that.

    I want to say another thing that make me crazy :

    Its the last strike, just before our dying. It doesnt shot the enemy, no injuries on him. Why ? Our last movement is here, we strike the enemy in this last strike, we see our weapon cracking the air to the enemy, but… it doesnt make any damage in this last breathe. Why ? How many times i could to kill the enemy who kills me, in this last strike just before dying ? So many !!! An enemy so wounded… I dont understand.

  • yeah it would be nice if projectiles stayed true to your aim if you die before the projectile gets them, same with weapons too , that would be way more realistic then the way it is now, i agree.

  • There is a command you can type in the console to ‘show tracers’, that way you can test how far weapons are reaching.

    Sorry i can’t remember what the command is.

    I have not experienced the knights hammer being longer than the longsword, but then i haven’t tested the game since the patch last night.

    I felt the mace and the warhammer range needed to be longer. At times i’ll be rubbing myself up against my target and my mace swings will pass through the target but no hit is scored….

    I’ve also felt that with the mace and warhammer the swing is very narrow, there have been many times where my target is just to my side, but somehow my swing is not scoring a hit? This did not used to happen and the mace used to be a brilliant weapon for swinging, but now not so much. And with the overheads now, just forget it unless your riding your target’s face.

  • Some things that i see and want to understand or be fixed :

    • random oneshot : why since several weeks we can be killed in one shot without critical hit or headshot ? I see it a lot, and it breaks the game and fun a lot. Is it normal ??
    • strikes/hits that not strike/hit : some of our strikes are aiming enemy, throught their body (we see that), and enemy is not hit. Why ?? Hitbox problem ?
    • Fire doesnt fire sometimes…(?)
    • fix the families members on Darkforest end map that are on the top of their “safe” places.
    • fix the map on Hillside, when we must go to trebuchet 3, taking the path on the sea, we are blocked by the ground down, when we jump down. We must jump this little piece of the map and we lose stamina.
    • ranges weapons are… %£¨/"##!! For example, i ve seen (a lot) the biggest sword of vanguard not striking an archer, but that archer can hit him with his dagger, like his dagger having most range than the long sword (??)(same thing against some maas).
    • i see some white flashes on maps decors/sceneries/surroundings (a lot since few days). I dont know why.
    • why having delete the black color (real black color) of Mason customization ?

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for reading,

    A french fan/addicted of this game. Not for the bugs, but for the fun of this game


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