Follow Notches Model (almost); SELL IT IN BETA for half off

  • then who needs advertising?

  • i concur

  • Our Betas will be free to play - the closed providing exclusivity to our loyal Age of Chivalry community, and more news regarding this will become available much later on when we move nearer towards a Beta state. We are doing this as I for one, truly believe it is the community feedback and the experience during a beta which not only improves a game, but helps to sell it.

  • I know for one if you guys are working as hard as you say on the game i would love to point out any errors and make sure to test it for a nice amount of time to make sure that i think its as good as possible. This game feels like its gonna be a new way for badass FPS melee. No actually it deserves better

    FPM (FIRST PERSON MELEE) :D because it will be the first game that does it right lol

  • Mr Whippy, there is an age limit of 18+ to join the alpha testers team, sadly, I’m 17. And unless the 18+ limit was set by Team Chivalry (Which i think it isn’t and is indeed set by other law making people who don’t have the faintest idea about maturity), I can’t get on the team, I’m not going to try to get on the team, but I really wish there was a progress bar on this site telling us how far into development they are.

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