Chaing name using Steam?

  • I have bought this game on Steam, for 4 pounds, (Like all the other chickens) and the thing is, I want to use a different Username on Chivalry than my Steam name, is there a way to do this?
    (I am not too desperate about this, I would just like to be able to change my name.)

  • I don’t know of any way to change your name from within the game itself, but do you know that you can change your Steam profile name? You can have a number of aliases, so if you’re really inclined, you can switch to one before you start Chivalry and then switch back after you’re done.

    (Hover over your name in the tab besides Community > Profile > Edit Profile)

  • Nah, you have to change your steam name before launching the game. But you can switch it back ingame and your Chivalry name won’t change.

  • So, I think I will go with changing the Steam profile name.
    Now, one question, can I save my alias’s, so I can quickly jump between them? It would be pretty nice if my friends could see my as Bazzyboss, while when my brother is on, they would see a different username.

  • Nope, you have to change names manually if you’re using the same account.

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