Server only letting players join as Pirates

  • I have two different servers setup running Duel-Dojo. They both have the exact same settings and both work perfectly fine so long as I don’t add the ?numteams=6?class0=Pirate?class1=Ninja?class2=Samurai?class3=Knight?class4=Viking?class5=Spartan
    part to the command line. As soon as I do that the server will only let players choose Pirates. I was following the guide at viewtopic.php?f=72&t=23498 and am confused why this happens. Am I missing a config file setting somewhere, do I have a typo I keep overlooking? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • This is my guess, but for duel mode I would imagine that there is only 1 “team” (like in FFA) and since the first team on your list is pirate that is what it is using.

    If you are just doing duel mode you don’t need all the team options.

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