Can't votekick

  • Hey guys, i seem not to be able to votekick somebody that is AFK i pressed and hold tab then pressed B but i cannot click seem to actually highlight the persons nametag or see any ban/votekick anywhere. Just doesn’t let me do it.

  • Hi,

    open console: votekick press enter

    list of players appears

    type confirm- “nummer of player you want to votekick”

    adminkick/ban: you need to look in as admin: open console: adminlogin “passwort”


    console: adminkick

    confirm “again nummer of player”


    console: adminkickban “name of player”

    confirm 0 “time of ban in seconds” “reason” (you don´t need to give a reason)


    adminkickban swardet23

    confirm 0 50000

    swardet23 would be banned for 50000 seconds

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