Got a new graphics card, having issues

  • Ever since I got my new card, a 7870, I’ve been getting this weird stuttering going on.

    Players will have fine ping, but will look like they’re lagging around, you know… teleporting around and such.

    Gets really annoying really quickly. It’s in the Deadliest Warrior version too.

  • can you post a log of DXdiag?

    Also when the stuttering is happening, can you open the console (’) and type: stat fps
    The FPS should be displayed, wanted to check whether it’s dropping to the red when stuttering occurs.
    I assume your old gfx card handled it without stuttering and the new one is more powerful? Can I ask what drivers version you are usuing and check that you’ve not got a sli/crossfire setup etc.

  • I don’t have a xfire setup. The stuttering does indeed happen when the frames drop to red.

    The stuttering is different though, the problem I described seems to have gone away, but something I’ve had in Chivalry for a long time is still there that you might be able to help me with. The frames will drop down to 1 and pause the game every now and then for about .2 seconds. So it gives this stuttering thing, happens about every 3-5 seconds ingame. Old card was a 7750 and it still had this problem, I have a 7870 now.

    I’m running whatever the most recent AMD drivers are.
    I attached the DxDiag

  • My brother has a very similar problem with his 7850. Maybe it’s AMD related? Everytime I see one of these threads it’s someone with an AMD gpu.

  • had this a while, too. in my case, i have 7870 and a phenom processor, so a fully amd system…
    this game features (fucking) physx and that’s what it makes even more cpu demanding for amd users besides the overall crap optimization.
    things that helped:

    -update your amd graphic cards driver; older amd drivers have latency problems.

    -update audio driver; in my case a standalone audio chip was significantly pushing the latency and fps drops as well; had to remove it.

    -deactivate 2x bios settings; specifically something called like “cool and quiet” and another option that also restricts clock according to the temperatur; since i have the (really hot and loud) boxed version my cpu is running @70° C when being at desktop, quite high but this is how amd delivers most of the cpus i guess, don’t have any problems with it though besides bios “wrongly” clocking it down.
    bare in mind that some cpus can be hotter than others…
    this cpu setting had the biggest impact on fps drops and especially that screen stuttering

    another setting from udk engine itself that oftenly has been discussed already and caused controversial impacts in my experience, sometimes improving, sometimes worsening the fps and also seemingly being dependedn on the chivalry version itself, is the “bsmoothframerate” setting in the “(udk)engine.ini”;
    feel free to expirement with that, but mainly i’d try the other 3 suggestions i just made.

    last but not least this is a pretty general tip but defrag your hardrive, since this can cause stuttering as well ;)

    though chivalry is far from being a triple a title and just using unreal engine, one would think “hey even 5year old cheap pcs would handle it flawlessly”; this should be the case but its not. very demanding.

    my chivalry:mw runs very good whilst, dw is still having crazy fps drops.

  • I have yet to find anything helpful in stopping the micro stuttering even when I am getting 90 FPS. I have looked all over for any and all tweaks across every game that uses the UDK engine. While I have managed to get fairly high FPS at times the stuttering is still there. It makes being accurate with swings very difficult. Part of me believes it could be related to the bottle necked netcode and the game trying to keep updated but who knows.

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