A few things

  • Some things I noticed in my 10 hours or so of this version.

    1. No feint on Viking: Why is there no feint? Are they supposed to be some super-berserk fighting force? All the lack of feint does is make them stupidly underpowered. Feinting was the one game-changer from the original Chivalry, and when I play the other classes and go to Viking, it just feels wrong without a feint to break up a fight. You’re just forced to do that stupid “Swing, Parry, Swing” dance with somebody.

    2. Thrown weapons disappearing/un-pickupable: I’ve thrown my weapon many times on Viking and had it just completely go away, or be on the ground and not get picked up. This was a thing in the original Chivalry too, but it wasn’t such a big deal. However, when you throw your weapon every time as Viking and pray “Oh god, please allow my hammer to be picked up”, that’s a problem. I’ve had it before where I would stand on the weapon for a good 20 seconds and then just have it despawn. And when you’re viking and all you’re left with is fists, that’s just silly.

    3. 6 Class vs. Class is a horrible gametype: It’s just bad. That’s all there is to say about it, bad. I’m not talking about Class vs. Classs (x v y), I’m talking about where every class is an individual team. All that happens is everybody either goes Pirate or Spartan and completely facerolls the rest of the server. Even if autobalance existed, this forces players to play a class they don’t even want to, which is just stupid.

    4. Weapons seem “off”: I’ve got about 300 hours locked into the original Chivalry. There are many times when I’ve used a weapon and gone “That totally should have hit them”. I don’t know the weapons too well in this version, but I know when something was supposed to hit and it just doesn’t.

    5. Horribly optimized: I get more frames in ARMA 3 than I do in this. That’s saying something. Especially with the nature of this version with the 50 person servers and large maps, it gets insanely laggy and I can drop down to 15FPS in fights (10 on those 50 player servers), which is just borderline unplayable. Out of all things I would say this game needs to be better optimized over anything else.

    6. Pirate is stupidly easy: I sniped somebody from across the Ducat Island map with a Flintlock pistol, the most inaccurate weapon in history. Enough said.

    Other than these things, I like the game so far. Besides the insane amounts of graphical bugs like clipping and mapping bugs, which I’m sure will get fixed, it’s alright.

  • just because you got one long range headshot doesn’t mean pirate should be nerfed… however they need a slight decrease in their group-power potential imo…

    spartans can 1 shot at a large range too you know… it just takes alot more skill… i.e you need to take arc, range, traveltime, wind-up time, opponents health and opponent class into consideration before you make that final toss… (if you hit and get/don’t get the kill, the spear is lost until you respawn but the reward is usually satisfying if you succeed).

    A tossed Dory can oneshot just about every class… YES EVEN KNIGHTS AT FULL HEALTH (if you hit them in the head at great range - few people know this, but the further in the air the spear goes, the more velocity is added to its damage when it lands rather than if its tossed in a “straight” line…)

  • 1. Bug
    2. Bug
    3. I think its hilarious. All you need is autobalance.
    4. Weapons take some getting used too.
    5. Its better optimised than the original.
    6. Lucky you. Do it ten times in a row and we have a problem.

  • @Mustaklaki:

    Some things I noticed in my 10 hours or so of this version.

    1. No feint on Viking:
    Dual wielding hatchets have feints, rest are bugs it seem.

    2. Thrown weapons disappearing/un-pickupable:
    Bug, though it is rather rare, you might just be bad at keeping an eye on where you’re weapon is going.

    3. 6 Class vs. Class is a horrible gametype:
    No it’s not, it’s awesome. It’s like a FFA with teams.

    4. Weapons seem “off”:
    Weapon hitboxes are mostly good.

    5. Horribly optimized:
    Beta, torn banner studios, not bohemia interactive.

    6. Pirate is stupidly easy:
    Nerf incoming. hold your breath.

  • I agree that the hitboxes are off, but this is a beta, things like what you mentioned are to be expected. Although I pray to god they give the Viking either the ability to feint, or make him insanely powerful.

  • 1. yes
    2. yes, in the bamboo map, you throw an object into one of the wooden panels on the outskirts of the map and they’re gone. Every single time.
    3.yes, it is. Because it forces the player to pick one of two classes from a pool of six. Also, autobalance.
    4. oh MAN, yes. Hitting things that you know you missed vs missing when you know you hit them.
    5. not sure if it’s optimization or the maps, like bamboo and fog. but yes.
    6. Guns. Nuff said.

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