Longsword and Crossbow damage values

  • I made this for myself, but thought I’d share it since there is no complete chart yet. These are the values for the red tracers aka 100% damage aka you won’t do that damage often ;)

  • What is the console command for the tutorial levels and tracers? I’ve forgotten.

  • Tut-training.

  • For the training level:

    open tut-training

    For a regular bot game:

    // Create local game
    open FFA-Acropolis
    // Add bots (can do multiple times or add specific class-bots)
    addbots 5
    // Tracers
    aoc_drawtracer 1
    // Shows how much damage the attack inflicted
    aoc_showdamage 1
    // Set gamespeed, can make it easier to hit:
    // 1 = 100%
    // 2 = 200%
    // 0.5 = 50%
    aoc_slomo 0.5
    ```Could be that I have some wrong as I am not in-game right now. There is auto-completion for the commands though.

  • Nice work.

    Now do it with all the weapons! :D

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