Thoughts on Ninjas

  • After a few semi competitive matches in DW I’ve found that the increase in the sword fight pace has damaged the most interesting way to play a lighter class: by surmounting your opponent’s wits and being able to fight several enemies at once. I have little to no trouble parrying any Samurai weapon, but when faced by two opponents no matter my skill the outcome will be defined by their stupidity or lack of it. Enough strain can be put on a Ninja by simply slashing in his general direction so that he becomes locked in a defensive state, every attempt to revert it sucessful or not will be in the end fruitless. After all you have to hit 2 guys 5 times each. Please, give Ninjas a proper way to move around or we’ll be resorted to being glorified foxes.

  • Hi Lyundeqwyr,

    On this point I totally agree with this. As most classes it is often fatal once you turn defensive. It is more difficult to block and riposte multiple enemies and sometimes even one good one.

    I’m not sure what the solution is but its either in altering the game speed or balancing the classes through altering weapon speeds.

    There is another post that sort of is on this topic of speed if you want to have a look;

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