[BUGs] Failure to track Rank and Kills for Unlocks

  • Just out of curiosity, is there a plan in the works for fixing the bug that stops the game from tracking kills with regard to weapon unlocks, and rank? After a match is finished, whatever gains I’ve made are reset to whatever I had before the match started, and this is happening are a large scale with other individuals as well. Restarting Chivalry/Steam does nothing to correct this issue.

    Also, sometimes in game, respawning stops, so when an entire team dies, the game just waits for time to run out as members can’t respawn back to fight.

    It’s getting particularly frustrating repeatedly getting ranks, and then once the match is over, going back to zero. I mean, one would think such annoying/hindering bugs would be fixed before, say, rolling out an expansion…

  • Yeah same problem, except for me most of the servers I play on don’t even contribute to weapon unlocks. They know about the bug but they’re probably just trying to take the time to fix it without creating any other bugs, it might be awhile though because they’re probably mainly working on the deadliest warrior expansion.

  • Moved to appropriate forum.

  • Last patch notes read this was fixed, but its gotten worse for me. I seem to find less servers where I can actually make progress. Please don’t write bullshit on patch notes…

    Sometimes a map change will reset the stats and sometimes not. Seems totally random to me.

    And now the steam achievements are broken aswell. I have used the bow maybe 2 times and I got Cupid achievement. Whats up with that?

  • Since reading the forums I’ve learned to only play on official servers. Still encountering this bug. Just bumping for justice.

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