DW: Beta Patch 1

  • There was an update to Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Beta today. Patch notes listed below:

    • Smaller versions of Bamboo, Acropolis, and Valley

    • Hint popup (can be disabled in Input settings)

    • Training enabled

    • Spawn point adjustments

    • Updated UI

    • Updated config screen

    • Collision fixes

    • Fixes to tracers

    • Improved spread on Blunderbuss

    • Kill feed improvements

    • Spectators now shown as spectators rather than blue team

    • Viking feint fixed

    • Ragdoll improvements

    • Viking shield pickup now goes straight to back

    • Pirate rum bottle/fire effect now deals 50% damage to himself

    • Able to throw both 2-handed axes if equipped in both weapon slots

    • Pirate rum is now healing properly

    • Can now pick up spears from dead bodies

    • Improved character light settings

    • Old 2 “throw” key, changed to G

    • Autobalance improvements and enabled by default

    Temporary fix for one-button dodge.

    Please note, there were a lot of changes today, so there may be things not listed in these patch notes. Also remember, this is in BETA, so we’ll add more changes/fixes/additions as we go. Thanks!

  • Added: “Cannot connect to servers”

  • When is the hotfix coming that allows key rebinding?

  • Great, now please fix this, i’m getting it too; ingame menus and training room work fine, but when joining a server this happens :


  • what about map optimization? seriously


    what about map optimization? seriously

    They can’t fix everything at once.

  • any chance of an asian server?

    • cannot sort by any criteria anymore in server browser

    • training level is clearly not using the correct graphic settings

    • now the door gets locked in the archery training, but I only have 5 bolts for my crossbow and there is no timer (contrary to what the tool tip says)

    • there are big gaps in the killfeed (see black screen screenshot above)

    • longsword tracers have not changed at all (just sayin’)

  • Great stuff, when you say you have improved the Blunderbuss what does that mean? You’ve increased or decreased the spread? I had a viking headshot me to death instantly from across the map on the map with the pink trees…

    There are some collision mesh issues on some maps, makes it really annoying to move around without getting caught up on them.

  • Bugs:
    -Rebound 1button dodge and throwables don’t work(can’t use any of the Ninja’s abilities[no fuck you I’m not using double-tap])

  • Cool, waiting on the time I can actually see servers in the browser again to test this stuff out.

    edit: I seem em now, first thing I notice is clicking Ping in the browser to filter lowest ping at bottom now does nothing.

    Scratch that, clicking anything to filter anything in the server browser doesn’t do anything anymore :/.

  • I’ll wait for the next update, seriously…

    • One-button-dodge is broken

    • Generally my FPS are severely decresed. I could run the game very smooth before. Can’t see any
      graphical improvements though. I only had low FPS on full 64 slot servers, when everyone is running around in the same area.

    • Bamboo is unplayable now for me. It used to be bad compared to the other maps, but now it’s horrible. 15-30 FPS.

    • “v” for hints is pretty annoying. Turning them off in the menu should automatically remove this binding. Else this option is pretty useles.

    (- Is it just me, or does the game seriously lack AA postpatch. Can’t tell if it was the same before… but now everything is flickering on max settings? O_o) I’m very sensitive when it comes to low AA, so I doubt I had the same issue before.

    • Depth of field seems to cause a black screen for some people. Haven’t tested out turning it off myself yet.

    • Pirates-cloak is having a weird graphical bug when running around in the distance.

    • The “escape-menu” can’t be closed via the escape-button.

    And all this for minor fixes :(

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s great the game gets updated, but this patch broke the game for me instead of fixing it. Especially the low FPS.

  • A lot of GSP’s haven’t updated yet, so you won’t see as many servers, but last I checked, they are slowly but surely coming in.

    I’ll see about an asian server

    One button dodge we are aware of and you are unable to rebind it right now.

    You can disable hints in the config menu under “input”.

  • Doublepost

  • @Gammel I did notice a lack of AA as well. Had to change settings a few times for it to take effect.
    Well at least FXAA does it what it notoriously does best by blurring visuals way too much for my liking, am a fan of MLAA though.

  • I have no idea where you with low FPS are coming from. I thought the game ran a tad smoother.

    Very glad to see these changes! (Except for the hints that refuse to be turned off)

  • Toggle sprint is gone

  • one button dodge doesnt work, performance is worse, and vikings still cant feint only while dual wielding, besides awesome lul

  • Okay, I’ll re-post what I had to say about the patch here. (Since the positive stuff is mostly covered in the patch notes, I’ll just re-post the negatives)

    -Breaks the one-button dodge, can’t get it to work
    -Someone must have misplaced a decimal, double tap time slider now changes the value with a minimum of 1000ms
    -Points stated above combined makes for a handicapped Ninja
    -Can’t sort the servers by ping (perhaps not even by other factors)
    -Bots in the gauntlet run are now pants-on-head retarded, worse in combat and they keep killing each other before making me their target. What happened to the decent bots in the previous version?
    -Can’t start sprinting if you hold W + A or D. (Can press W + A or D and keep sprinting, however)
    -Shield throw is bound to the “Quick throw”-button. (G) If I want to throw it with a comfortable button like before (MMB), like with the axes, I have to change the quick throw buttons in the menu, which will result in being unable to throw shuriken or dodge as a Ninja if you have the one-button dodge set to MMB (which many people have)
    -Graphics bug making everything other than the skybox a silhouette. Can easily be resolved, though.

    No projectile camera for many projectiles (shield being one of them)
    Sometimes weapons will not be up-pickable.
    Viking feint still unavailable (At least for norse sword + shield)
    Menus still refuse to turn some settings on and off. (Including the new Ambient music and Hint settings)
    Ninja Roll appears to e working the same way

  • Can we get a full list of changes, specifically including class changes?

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