Experience and stats locked on UDKstats.ini

  • I’ve noticed I’ve been stuck at rank 33 for over a month now and I was wondering why I haven’t ranked up even with pretty heavy play where I’m killing plenty of dudes on an official server. I checked my UDKstats.ini today and I noticed that my exp was 30600, and my exp for duel was 60800. Along with that, I have only double digit kills or less on each weapon on my UDKstats.ini, where I know I’ve killed way more than 50 people with a two-handed sharp weapon, for instance. It was also “last modified” on 6/25/2013, whereas most of my other ini’s had been modified 10/1/2013 or whereabouts.

    I ended up deleting UDKstats to see what would happen. After about a game and a half, the rank up bar showed up on my screen and I ranked up to 34. I played out the rest of the round and exited Chivalry to see if my UDKstats.ini would be re-created and updated, the new UDKstats that was generated after I deleted the first one was modified 10/24/2013 (today), but it had the same exact stats as the old one. I opened up Chivalry again and found that I was again rank 33.

    What’s going on here? I thought the hotfix on 10/7 fixed the stat tracking issue/exp issues?

  • Nevermind - issue resolved, I was looking at the wrong UDKstats - I was opening the one in the steam folder, not the one in “My Documents”.

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