Join the Neckbeard Noblemen!

  • The Neckbeard Noblemen is a new clan for Chivalry, aiming to compete and participate regularly in tournaments and scrimmages.

    What we’re like
    We are a group striving to build a team of uber geeks that are dedicated to team cooperation and synergy. We enjoy playing the game and, while we would love to be able to always win, we also appreciate learning from our losses and genuinely want to improve ourselves. We want to win, but we want to keep the game fun.

    What we’re not like
    We are not elitists. We do not whine about imbalances or tactics. We do not cry when we lose. And we do not yell or get angry at ourselves or others when things don’t go our way. When that happens, the game becomes no longer fun.

    Who we want
    We want people and who can read the above two paragraphs and say, “that’s totally legit”. Additionally, we want people who can communicate well and be on often to practice and improve as a team. Skill is not that important to us, as long as you’re active, dedicated and genuinely want to get better.

    The juicy details
    We’re a North American clan. We have two servers, one for Medieval Warfare and one for Deadliest Warrior, both located in Chicago. We use Mumble for communication. Generally, our members play in the evenings, most days of the week.

    How to join
    If you like what you read above, contact me (dzapt) on steam and let me know you’re interested.

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