All I'm doing is not saved

  • Not long ago, every time I kill players, then all well and weapons opened for me and I climb ranks, but when I’m out of the game or when starting a new map all I’ve done is reset, if I opened arms is closed again, if I got rank is falling back to 17.
    I opened a lot of weapons and they closed me back, and I could have been at least 20 RANK But all the time I go back to 17.
    I have the problem on every server I go to.
    Exactly the same problem also have a friend of mine.

  • I just bought the game and uh…… I’m getting a bit disheartened reading about this bug. Again and again. There seems to be little to no dev interaction about the state of progress on squashing this bug?
    I’ve been victim to it in low doses but I’m still pretty new so no biggie yet.
    Honestly second guessing the game with the lack of dev interaction about it. Unless I’m missing it?

    Is the bug just too big? Do they need more case specific information? Are they almost at the point of resolution or is it something that will just have to be lived with?
    If it’s something that had to be lived with then I could understand the silence. Hence the second guessing I’m having.

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