Aiming without crosshair - slings & spears problem

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    I don’t know how many people find the crosshair distracting more than useful, but I am one of those players, so I always disable it.

    It is perfectly possible to aim without crosshair aid while using crossbows, bows, throwing knives, throwing axes, smoke and oil pots because of the visual aid of the 1st person model.

    However, when you want to try the same with throwing spears or slings, you will have to go for the old “hit and miss” tactic because there is no way to determine where the shots will go.

    I would really like if Torn Banner Studios could edit the animations of those weapons so all range weapons are somewhat unified on that question. At least put it so that the sling aiming hand (left hand) is more to the center, like with throwing knives.

    Probably not a big deal for most player, but I came to speak my mind, thanks for reading.

  • I’m the same, I never use cross hair, kills the immersion for me totally. But it’s still quite easy to hit with spears and slings because you can still see their name when you got them in your cross hair, even with cross hair turned off.

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