I know why Pirate guns lag maps

  • They cause ragdolls to go batshit crazy. The mantis bug tracker isn’t online it seems, so I posted it here.

  • Yep, ragdolls sometimes explode in size so they encapsulate the entire skybox, causing your client to freeze for a second.
    They also just bounce off into the sunset, as if being juggled around by invisible shots. Ragdolls behave strange when around blunderbuss (mostly blunder). I’ve seen ragdolls just randomly fly up around a pirate who fired the gun at someone, ragdolls that weren’t even his target.

  • I can confirm that one.

    … and is Mantis meant to be on-line? I could never get into it.

  • It looks hilarious but yes it causes a large FPS drop for a few seconds.

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