A few ideas of mine to make the customization system better

  • 1. An option to draw your own crest. Yeah, there are a lot of pretty crests, everyone can find something for him. But if I had also an option to draw my own crest, it would be very great for me. Just imagine all those pretty/funny/mighty/trololo/badass crests that one can make.

    2. An option to customize your weapons. Change a colour of the hilt, add runes or an other type of engraving onto the blade, make it darker or brighter, add some pompons.

    3. An option to customize your head’s lookout. Every archer is bald, pale-skinned man. Every MAA is blond, short-haired, pale-skinned man. It would be very good to have an option to play for example as red-long-haired man with a beard. An option to modify the shape of your face would be good thing. I’d like the head-customization as it is in M&B: Warband.
    And possibility to play as a female character is also a good idea. Like it’s in WB. Females in normal male armors.

  • a female in a leopard skin bikini. yes. that would be good. then no one would kill you cause you were the hot chick wielding a sword in a bikini.

  • Lol…

    Like it’s in WB. Females in normal male armors.

    Look at this screen. It’s from a mod called Vikingr. This female isn’t a naked bitch in a leopard bikini. Just a normal woman in a common male armour.

  • She is still wearing makeup. But maybe thats just another form of warpaint.

    I agree with the OP. I would like not only to choose my emblem but also decide were/how it is placed and maybe even combine it with other emblems. Add some patterns at the possibility to combine them and there are so many option with a few preexisting choices.

    Face customization is a very good thing - right now we basically got a clone army in customized armor (like the Star Wars clone troopers).

    The more fancy stuff (female heads, warpaint, weapon skins etc.) might be an idea for paid content similar to the helmet pack (not basic face/hair stuff - you should be able to have your own face without paying for it as you did pay for the game). This way Torn Banner has another source of income and the game won’t be flooded by painted amazons wielding shiny expensive looking weapons.

  • Mod

    I agree with 1 and 2. It would be nice- despite the fact I don’t know if its possible or not… (Im guessing it requires a new code for the player sprites?? Idk) But I’m not up for 3 if it includes female body types and/or heads. - I think that there could be a set customization for hair styles and faces basically replacing the helmet… which would be kind of silly too once somone knocked that off come to think of it … LOL.

    But anyway I think this is a good idea, aside from the female part.

  • Agree with more customization, but now with designing your own crests. I feel like it would kind of make the game less serious with like troll faces and other weird drawings, and many people would make emblems that wouldn’t fit the medieval theme. That’s just me though.

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