Secondary not working after patch? (number 2 on kb)

  • As per title

    Is there a workaround fix please?

    I’ve already just had to fix the one button dodge…

  • If you mean throwing stuff, it’s on G now.

  • Yeah this confused me at first two, especially because the community in this game are horrible and nobody in the server would even acknowledge my question. But i eventually figured it out on my own that a lot of throwing weapons, especially shurikens, are now set as a quick-throw action with a single button, instead of being a weapon you specifically switch to.

    I find this to be a very good change, and it makes playing ninja awesome. But i have to say that G is a horrible key for it. I very quickly rebound it to Q.

    Q by default is the cancel-attack button, which stops a swing halfway through. I rebound this to the block button, which fits much better and makes perfect sense. when you want to cancel a swing you just segue into a block.

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