Issues/bugs list

  • I haven’t looked through the entire forum and I’m sure many of these have already been posted/are being addressed. Please dont flame me, I just made a list as I was playing:

    -Arms/weapons at edge of screen are invisible in first person view

    -TDM rounds need longer timers

    -At the end of the round during map selection sometimes two of the choices are the same

    -LTS round start too quickly; unless you instantly select a character you will miss the first round

    -On acropolis if you jump near the wall with the row of pillars you can see the untextured area of the map

    -Cannons are relatively useless without the ability to be aimed

    -Depth of field causes massive graphical issues if turned off

    -For LTS games, restrict map size to half of the total or the rounds take too long

    -Cannot enter menu from either the end of match screen or character selection screen

    -In game the sarissa has longer range than the dory, but the weapon stats show the opposite

    -In options vignette and post processing will automatically turn back on if turned off

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