Title screen error "UDK.exe has encountered a problem"

  • Hey guys, I’m new to the game, but having a bit of a problem. As soon as the game get’s to the title screen I get a prompt that says “UDK.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience” then give’s the option to “send” or “don’t send” and error report. This started the first time I tried to play the game. I read through a few threads with the similar problem, and try a few different things like deleting the cache and validating the integrity of the cache files, but still the same problem. I did have a friend tell me to try turning off my firewall, which i did, and it worked for that day. As soon as the computer was shut off then back on though, it went back to encountering the problem at the title screen. The dxdiag.txt and the launch logs are attached, hopefully a mod can help me get back onto the battlefield. Thanks in advance :).

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