Blunderbuss damage Bug against shields.

  • SO you may of heard that the blunderbuss got a “nerf”. the first pellet that hits you does 50 damage and all that hit you after that do 10 damage. It now fires 10 pellets too.

    So against a Spartan that’s 35 damage for the first pellet and 7 for the rest.

    Against his shield It deals 11 damage on the first hit.

    The bug is it still deals that full 7 damage on the shield.

    It used to deal 5 damage on the shield each.

    It should be dealing about 2-3 damage.

    So point blank its dealing a massive 73 damage against the shield. It used to deal 40 damage point blank. For the spartan.

    Fix the damage. Or better still make the blunderbuss do no damage against shields. Only Flinch/stun.

  • Or better yet, make it skill based
    even the firepots are harder to use, which is really saying something when a weapon is easier to use than a grenade

  • So it should be doing about 38 damage against a spartan shield. 11+(9*3) but instead its doing 73 damage. Becuase instead of doing 3 damage against shields its doing 7.

  • that’s great Lemon, still doesn’t fix this no-skill of a weapon

  • @BB:

    that’s great Lemon, still doesn’t fix this no-skill of a weapon

    Well it didn’t take much skill to use it realistically either.

  • I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that

  • or even better, just remove a SHOTGUN from a MELEE oriented game.

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