Update Lag

  • I’m surprised no one has talked about this, the new Chivalry update with the SDK is causing horrible lag. Every server I go on has everyone complaining about how laggy it is, including myself. Can you guys fix this soon? Sometimes it even lags enough that I can’t use my chat anymore.

  • I’ve been noticing really bad lag that seems to come and go (when it comes I just have to give up and play some other time) in at least eastern or central duel servers. I was just thinking it was me, but there’s also that after I exit, I’ll try some bandwidth intensive task like streaming a video, and it will work fine. However, I started experiencing this shortly before the most recent patch

  • I did notice 1 or 2 lag patches per 1-2hrs on TO servers, however this was a time before the patch. The lag passes after a brief period and people don’t even bother saying anything about it because ping remains unaffected after it passes.

  • it seems like its spikes around the time every one is eating dinner watching tv on their 6 devices sucking up all the bandwidth in the world lol.

    yes a few patches ago the lag has been pretty bad everywhere and its not getting better, lets hope some of the netcoding or whatever the issue causing it is clean up and fixed to allow smoother gameplay

  • That patch of 3 days ago made it horrible. Now you’re in fights and relay on mechanics that even’t working.
    I went from a average 3 k/d to a 1 k/d. Not that I lost my skill suddenly after 600 hours right.
    So much parries just fail. Gets to a point of frustration at this moment :?

  • oh i hear ya brotha, most of us have dealt with this kinda poor gameplay for a long time, way too long, and it doesnt help that it seems to get worse every patch thats clearly rolled out without the appropriate testing.

  • After coming home from work Friday the 1st I noticed all my setting were reset to default and after playing a short while noticed very nasty lag spikes. My average ping of 40-60 was suddenly 120-200. These spikes come in waves and approx 1 every other map.
    If several players who log in have standard ping over 150 forget it, the server gets rediculasly laggy when these waves come. Removing said played does help the lag but it still makes the gameplay dramatically affected in a negative way.
    The weekend prior to this latest ‘unannounced MW update’ (or I couldn’t find anything about it.) the gameplay was fine. Lag wasn’t an issue.
    I’m sure they’re on top of having it resolved but maybe a simple acknowledgment from those that the issue is noted and being addressed would be comforting.
    If it is announced and I’ve yet to find it; I bite my tongue and thank you in advance.

    Oh! And also I’m now unable to ‘Bind’ functions such as Adminlogin. :-(

    -Baron Von Moorland

  • Is this just more with C:MW? Haven’t being playing the normal version much and joined a few matches today, noticed horrible lag/fps. So jerky. Really offputting, and it wasn’t the server.

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