The ability to move character head to each side

  • …within 180 degrees. It doesn’t make sense that one has to turn ones whole body to look left or right. Of course this should be accompanied by a head rotate animation so as to make the player’s current view visible to other players. The point of this is to add more dynamics to combat and combat awareness; as it is, it is quite hard to block an incoming attack while you also want to see whos coming up on your flank and since it’s only realistic to be only to do so i do not see a reason why not to implement this feature.

    From a gameplay perspective, my idea is to add a hotkey which, when held down, makes cursor movement only change player’s head rotation and therefore the player’s view. As soon as the button is released, the player cam resets to standard forward looking view, and the head rotates back accordingly. This wouldn’t look stupid since in real life, although this is probably obvious, one can turn ones head really fast.

    The utility of this feature is to quickly press the hotkey, gain a quick overview of your surroundings (not your back, so backstabs can still happen just fine) while fighting, and then quickly release it to continue the fight, thereby opening up the possibility of staying focused in a duel while staying alert of flanking. For new/inexperienced players this will be probably be a bit overwhelming to use consistently at first -the same thing applies to kick and feint in the current beta release by the way (which is a good thing) - but with experience this will make for, in my opinion, more interesting fights where a good player wont be overwhelmed by multiple enemies as easily as now.

  • I imagine using this with TrackIR would be popular

  • @Mkilbride:

    I imagine using this with TrackIR would be popular

    Had no idea such thing existed. Looks pretty awesome!

  • It can be expensive.

    150$ for the latest kid. Some of the olders go for 70~

    It is cool, I agree, but I couldn’t justify the price myself.

  • Since I’m South American, multiply that for at least 3 =(. I was supposing it would be more expensive, but it’s still a pretty steep price.


    Yeah, not sure what it’d cost you.

  • doesnt make much sense for me because if ur body doesnt follow up ur first moving ur head seeing an enemy coming in with a strike turning to his side and parrying takes even more time now
    well… i dont like it and that link didnt make much sense either: costs, not implemented in this game, and well nonsense XD

  • I just can’t wait for Oculus Rift support! 8-)

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