I experience "teleporting" with kicks and shield bashes.

  • Often times when being kicked or shield bashed, my opponent “teleports” from one spot to another right in front of me. I get pushed back, have him in my sights, then when my stun animation is over, the opponent appears in a different location. It happens frequently and has been going on for a while. I’ve asked numerous times on servers if anyone experiences and nobody else seems to.

    I don’t have the ability to capture it in video so I hope someone on here will have experienced it as well. It’s also definitely not lag.

  • I have the same issue as well, and I can say it does get pretty annoying after a while. Though It doesn’t seem to be something that happens consistently. I’m gonna see if I have it recorded somewhere.

  • Happens to me as well. Kicks seem to open a hole in the space-time continuum (I thought only Chuck Norris can do that). Either the enemy or me suddenly is at a completely different position.

    Damn, roundhouse-kicks anyone?

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