[IN PROGRESS] Forest Path

  • Hey there!
    So I was working on a piece for my portfolio and thought “Why not make a map for Chivalry out of it as well!”. This map will be for LTS and Duel mainly but others might follow.

    Here’s the map plan (if you can make anything out of this scrawl) and mood/reference board.

    And some screenshots. All the assets I’m using are made by me, there’s nothing I use from Chivalry stuff besides a few shaders (because, hey, why reinvent the wheel?).

    Still a LOT of work to be done, still need to create some more foliage models and textures as well as the longhouse in the middle of map.

    Also for those wondering what happened to my other map (http://www.tornbanner.com/forums/viewto … 51&t=15113), I will keep working on it and considering the fact that SDK is now live I might even update it today.

    That’s all for now, Ferum out.

  • Nice assets man, map is looking good!

    I wish i could create my own assets :D

  • Looks really beautiful. Can you move everywhere in the forest or just on the path?

    Thanks! It is never too late to start learning!

    You’ll be able to go wherever you want, but of course there will be boundaries. Map won’t be large.

  • hey brah, looks like a good start. makes my map look likes its on dat dere poverty time. Mind if I ask you some question later on?

  • Hah, your map looks really good especially if that’s your first project. Much better than mine when I started to learn this stuff. And yeah if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  • It’s gotta be said: Map looks fantastic!

    I like how you focus on natural/wild places instead of city fights/sieges.

  • looks great. the only problem i can see with this map as far i can value it from the pics are the covers you need against archers. add some more stones or stuff u can hide behind or more munition boxes that u can fill up your smoke pots

  • Looks really nice, keep up the good work.

  • Hey there!
    Some progress has been made, at least in the visual department so I thought I’d share some screenshots. Still a lot of work ahead.

  • Looks beautiful! I can hardly wait to play it.

  • whoa, the best looking map so far for sure


  • Oh man, awesome. Ambush in the forest ;)

  • It looks great :D What types of grass are you using to cover the ground?

  • Those grassy ferns look awfully similar to the RO2 ones. :D

  • Thanks guys! I’m a bit concerned about performance. Since my PC sometimes struggle to maintain decent FPS in classic Chiv maps my tests don’t mean much. I’ll be PMing few modders soon to ask if they could help.
    What do you mean? It’s just a static mesh made out of few bended planes with a transparent texture, then placed on the ground with foliage tool.
    Are you… implying something? ;P

  • Holy shit, those screenshots look amazing!
    But could any mid-level PC handle the map?

  • Well, my crappy bronze age PC (9600GT, Core Duo E8400@3.0GHz, 4GB RAM DDR2) handles the map OK with dynamic lighting and shadows off. But I’d imagine nowadays mid-level PCs are something much better than mine. At the moment dynamic shadows are huge FPS killer, trees are affected by wind and the shadows reflect that.

  • Not implying anything, other than the map looks great visually. Maybe I’ve just spent too long in long grass in RO2 or I’m going crazy. :)

  • This looks mighty fine!

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