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  • Hello fellow Chivalry players. I have been troubling with some FPS issues regarding the new DLC Deadliest Warrior. I recently found out that the issue is both for the DLC, and for the original Medieval Warfare game. Unfortunately I have not found any “good” answer on my problems, therefore I write this to ask the community.
    My PC reaches the minimum requirements for playing Chivalry, and even more:
    Processor: Intel Core i5 2410M @ 2.30GHz
    GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 460M
    RAM: 4 Gb RAM
    HDD: 500 Gb (Just to mention)

    When I choose High Performance mode on my PC combined with the lowest set of graphic quality in-game, I was rather shocked when I fell down to a 20 FPS on a regular 20 Player Team Deathmatch server.

    I have literally tried everything there is to try to fix this problem. Several people have tried to help me over TeamViewer, the nVidia control panel has been edited to support performance instead of quality in the game, and generally. I have stopped and closed several start-up and processes to make the PC even faster, but nothing helps. I got decent internet connection with a good PING. Therefore I wonder why I cant run Chivalry smoothly.

    Does it have something to do with the game being in BETA, do the BETA support my nVidia GPU? Is there something more I can do to get better FPS?

    Thank you for reading and hopefully answering.

  • Let me guess, bamboo map?

  • Every map is like that: But the worse two is Bamboo, yes and Isle.

  • CPU. Kinda sucks.

    And this game is CPU intensive.

  • My CPU indeed meet the minimum requirements as mentioned, why is there such a problem then? I can understand that 2.30 GHz is weak, and 4 Gb RAM isnt very “top up the list”, but it’ll do regarding to the min req…

  • The game isn’t very well optimized, and your hardware is really low end & it’s laptop hardware. Run everything on the barest minimum if possible, might have to make some clever .ini changes to get passable frames.

  • I have edited the CDW Engine, SystemSettings and Settings files to get more performance …

  • Just noticed that when I play DW, joining a server I got 60-70 FPS the first 2 minutes. Circa every time I died the FPS dropped down more and more. Until I reached the point where I have 15-24 FPS. I really cannot explain how this happens. It looks like my PC “gives it all” the first minutes, when suddenly it have no more “power”. Does anyone have an explanation on this?

  • @Sindre1107:

    Just noticed that when I play DW, joining a server I got 60-70 FPS the first 2 minutes. Circa every time I died the FPS dropped down more and more. Until I reached the point where I have 15-24 FPS. I really cannot explain how this happens. It looks like my PC “gives it all” the first minutes, when suddenly it have no more “power”. Does anyone have an explanation on this?

    You’re playing on a laptop, make sure your laptop isn’t set to auto power settings, manually set it to max power usage, game only with it plugged into a wall, and you’re probably having heating issues too, because it’s a laptop.

  • Does it run much worse than base Chivalry does, because I play that around 30 fps at medium settings, so I won’t get this if I can’t even do that.

  • Gauntlet, it’s always plugged in, and i’m playing on Power4Gear ASUS High Performance. There is still lag. But guess what, I have proxomently 195 GB, yes u heard me: GB of FRAGMENTED files on my D drive. I’m defragging now. Could this help?

  • Your CPU may meet min specifications. But min specs are kinda useless. Because it doesn’t actually tell you how well it will perform at those min specs.

    I mean 18 FPS is pretty much the minimum framerate where the brain will perceive it as fluid movement that isn’t jerky. Though it depends on things like brightness and adrenaline. Still that’s a steady 18FPS.

    If you go to…
    My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini
    …and you search for the line…
    …you can change it to false and that can increase performance.

    Also you want a CPU process priority saver.

    So install that then run the game. You then want to ctrl+alt+del and start the task manager and click the processes tab. Find chivalry. I think the process name is UDK.exe. Anyway it will be the process using the most resources. Anyway right click on it when you find it make sure save priority has a tick next to it then mouse over “priority” and a drop down will appear. Set it to high.

  • I understand not everybody has money, but you need a new CPU. And RAM is dirt cheap, you should get at least 6GB total. Would cost you about 30 dollars.

    Some CPU on per-built PCs are soldered straight onto the Motherboard and cannot be removed. However, if it can be removed (You should check. If you can’t find it, it is most likely under a fan attached to the motherboard), you are in good luck. For what a CPU does, the brains of the PC, they are really not that expensive.

    More cores are only necessary for multi-threaded games, and I am not sure if Chivalry is multithreaded (I doubt it as TBS is indie and multithreaded programming is difficult) but they are nice to have. 4 is a good amount, anything over that is usually overkill.

    I don’t know much about Nvidia GPU, but I just got a brand new $220 GPU and it doesn’t change much of my FPS in this game and CMW. It’s not a GPU intense game at all, just CPU.

  • That’s all well and good but the CPU he has is a laptop CPU so he probably has a laptop.

    And you don’t need any more than 4GB for gaming. I’ve seen BF3 get over 3GB of ram but that’s the only game I’ve seen do that. And I have 8GB of ram. Though its not slow being DDR3 and 1600MHz.

    His GPU is fine its better than mine. Yet I can run the game on high mostly at 30-60 FPS depending on the map. I have i5 3570k. And I have done the above performance boosting things and I often run Razor game booster 4 which mostly just shuts off all unneeded processes so I go from about 100 processes to about 16 on average. Problem is It shuts off my video compressor program while I’m compressing so I don’t have it on all the time. That’s just a bug with the new version of it though.

    4 cores is fine for gaming. Most new games will utilise all 4. You won’t get a performance boost having any more cores. Unless the clock speed is like 1.8GHz each.

  • Thank you both for responing. I will follow your instructions, L. Hope it works out!

  • Well here are a few tweaks I have found. For one you can set the UDKGame.exe to HIGH priority in the task manager. Instructions here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=17021&hilit=+FPS

    You can also type this into the console that will turn down graphic settings that you cannot access from the menu: scale lowend This will make your in game settings not be accurate so you may have to go in and tweak a few to your liking and then hit save.

  • Well there is no console command called: Stat lowend

    : /

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, or the map Bamboo, but it forces Vignette and Post-Processing on, which makes my framerate compete with 0 for world’s lowest number. Actually I’ll try some other maps and see if it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. But I still don’t like options forcing themselves on.

  • @Sindre1107:

    Well there is no console command called: Stat lowend

    : /

    Sorry I gave you the wrong console command. It is SCALE LOWEND. I will fix it in the previous post

  • Your CPU is weak sauce.

    Each ‘actor’ (simplified, a player) eats CPU resources.
    The more players you have in an area the more intensive on your CPU it gets.

    I have a big thread on the MW forums with proof, numbers and stuff.

    The likely reason you joined a game and it was smooth was because of a combination of:

    1. Low players on the server
    2. Players spread out so that few where near you at any one time.

    That is a ‘side effect’ of DW larger maps. Since the maps are larger, the players are more spread out. This reduces the load on the CPU at any one time, UNLESS most of the players are bunched together, then you will hit a CPU problem.

    Ragdolls count as an actor. So they eat CPU cycles PLUS the respawend players character. Set your ragdolls way down, to 5 or less. 0 is silly, as soon as you kill someone they disappear can be quite annoying.

    Minimum requirements are MINIMUM to play the game, they do not mean you will have a smooth playing experience. You really should be looking at the recommend levels as your ‘minimum for smoothish playing’.

    Easily the biggest CPU eating chunk of an actor is sound playback.

    Setting maxsoundchannels down to 12 or something can help, however it also means sounds will often not play as all 12 channels are in use, or they cut out. Can be bad, but will help your FPS.

    Also, you can force the game to uncompress sounds longer then a set number of seconds to help with CPU load, need higher amounts of RAM for this, being a 32bit program 4gigs is the limit regardless of how much you have in your system.
    I can’t remember the setting for this google it.

    In the end though, with your CPU there is bugger all you can really do. I’d be surprised if you got more than 20-30FPS on any server with 12 or more players (and most of those players in the same area).

    Put it this way, My Phenom 955be running at 3.2Ghz isn’t enough to get smooth playing with 20 people, on top of that for the first 1-2 mins after level loading I would get massive stuttering. My 560ti was always waiting on the CPU to complete a frame. I overclocked it to 3.4ghz (using stock fan, ouch) and that helped a considerable amount, still it gets quite choppy on 24+ player servers. I have plans to clock it up higher, to around 4.0ghz, that will fix it.

    Your CPU is 2.3ghz or whatever, it is pretty slow.

    Time to upgrade my friend.

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